Wellness vs Blue Buffalo Cat Food

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wellness vs blue buffalo cat food

A long and healthy feline life comes with the right cat food. That’s why we need to keep in mind its nutritional content together with the brand’s reputation.

In this article, we’ll examine Wellness vs Blue Buffalo cat food, two of the most reputable brands for indoor cats. We also included our product recommendations to help simplify your choices.

Blue Buffalo vs Wellness Cat Food: Detailed Comparison

We have reviewed both Wellness and Blue Buffalo according to FVEAP’s strict standards. Our “FVEAP experts” (our dear feline friends) have also tested them, and you’ll know their opinions later in the article.

1. About the Brands

Blue Buffalo


Blue Buffalo was founded by Bill Bishop and his sons in 2003 for Blue, their beloved Airedale.

Having been diagnosed with nutrition-related cancer and eventually passing away, Blue inspired the founders to create a pet food without harmful ingredients—especially with real meat.

They wanted Blue Buffalo pet food to be safe for dogs and cats, catering to different ages. The brand’s selection doesn’t include poultry by-products, corn, wheat, soy, artificial products, and preservatives.



Under the Wellness Pet Company is the Wellness brand that was officially launched in 1997 by Jim Scott Jr.

This brand showcases appetizing recipes formulated with natural ingredients by scientists, veterinarians, and experts in animal nutrition for healthy dog and cat food.

2. Ingredients and Nutritional Content

Wellness and Blue Buffalo have a variety of wet and dry cat food, including treats. Below are some examples of the range they offer.

Blue Buffalo Wellness
  • Wilderness
  • Freedom
  • Basics
  • Tastefuls
  • Healthy Gourmet
  • Bursts
  • True Chews
  • CORE
  • Complete Health
  • Healthy Indulgence
  • Kittles
  • Bowl Boosters

When it comes to ingredients, it will depend on the flavor and category of the kitten food. However, here are the main ones that you’d usually find on the label:

Blue Buffalo Wellness
  • real meat
  • taurine
  • sweet potatoes
  • cranberries
  • blueberries
  • flaxseed
  • real meat
  • taurine
  • flaxseed
  • cranberries
  • dried kelp

In terms of nutritional content, we compared Wellness CORE and Blue Buffalo Wilderness for wet cat food, since they similarly offer rich protein (and are popular too!).

For the dry food, we picked Wellness Complete Health and Blue Buffalo Tastefuls for comparison.


Nutritional Component Wellness CORE Pâté (Wet) Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Wet) Wellness Complete Health (Dry) Blue Buffalo
Tastefuls Indoor (Dry)
Crude Protein (minimum) 12% 10% 38% 32%
Crude Fat (minimum) 8% 8% 18% 15%
Crude Fiber (maximum) 1% 1.5% 3% 6%
Moisture (maximum) 78% 78% 10% 9%

Wellness recipes have more crude protein, although Blue Buffalo closely follows. The two are also equal in crude fat, except for when we compare their dry foods.

Meanwhile, the Blue Buffalo formulation contains more crude fiber but has the same moisture amount as the Wellness formula for wet food.

Wellness Complete Health has more moisture than Blue Buffalo Tastefuls, however.

3. Pricing

Cat Food Amount Price per Pack/Can
Wellness CORE Pâté (Wet) 3 oz $2.36
Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Wet) 3 oz $1.89
Wellness Complete Health (Dry) 5 lbs $18.99
Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Indoor (Dry) 5 lbs $20.98

Cat food from Wellness and Blue Buffalo don’t differ much in pricing. However, they are both premium brands that use ingredients with superb quality, so they can be a bit expensive compared to other pet nutrition brands.

4. Pros and Cons

1. Blue Buffalo

  • uses real meat and no poultry by-products
  • contains high-quality ingredients
  • no low-quality fillers or additives
  • wide range of product lines for different cat ages and dietary needs
  • extensive recall history
  • premium pricing

2. Wellness

  • offers real meat and high-quality ingredients
  • different recipes to match cats’ appetite
  • contains probiotics for digestive health
  • slightly better safety history
  • may contain more carbohydrates than recommended
  • premium pricing

Which Cat Food Is Right for Your Cat?


As promised, we ranked Wellness and Blue Buffalo cat food products according to the opinion of our FVEAP experts.

Our adorable Squirrel loves the goodies from both brands. Meanwhile, Luna always picks the bowl with Wellness, and Rosalie can’t get enough of the Blue Buffalo formula. For more cat food reviews, check out our top 5 rankings below.

1. Blue Wilderness Wet Cat Food (Wet)


A protein-rich wet food and Rosalie’s top pick, a diet with Blue Wilderness will satisfy your cat’s cravings.

2. Wellness Complete Health Minced (Wet)


Luna’s personal favorite, this Wellness formula with natural meat chopped into pieces is packed with essential nutrients. Your cats can easily munch on the protein!

3. Wellness Complete Health Pâté (Wet)


This spreadable wet food with a smooth and creamy or firm consistency contains essential fatty acids to promote optimal feline health. Squirrel devours his entire bowl full of Wellness Pâté.

4. Blue Tastefuls (Dry)


Another Squirrel and Rosalie favorite is a mouthwatering dry food from Blue Buffalo that uses real meat, perfect for felines with discerning tastes while still absorbing nutrients every bite.

5. Wellness Core Indoor (Dry)


Specifically for indoor cats and favored by our FVEAP expert Luna, this contains fewer calories for a balanced diet tailored for felines who aren’t physically active.


If you’re deciding between Wellness vs Blue Buffalo cat food, both high-end brands are guaranteed to use natural ingredients and offer extensive food categories to choose from.

Blue Buffalo excels in providing recipes for diverse cat dietary needs, although it has a recall history that owners may want to check. Conversely, Wellness prioritizes holistic well-being, but some formulations contain a high amount of carbohydrates.

Ultimately, let your feline companions decide – a delightful choice between Blue Buffalo and Wellness awaits them.

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