“We perform the worldly tasks and God, through those who contribute, provides the Heavenly Blessings”.


Shadow had a fractured hip and when I took him to the vet, he told me Shadow needed surgery to repair his hip and told me the cost. He told me Shadow would be permanently and painfully crippled if he didn’t either have the surgery or put him to sleep. On top of that, he had earmites and worms. Any hope I had was gone. I was horrified and sickened, shocked and confused. I just didn’t know what to do.

When FVEAP told me it could help, I was hesitant to believe. After all, it seemed the news just got worse and worse. But I was reassured that FVEAP could, in fact, help pay for Shadow’s surgery. And it did. I still can’t believe it. This beautiful little ball of fur that heaven dropped in my lap is getting more and more playful every day. Every time I look at him I am reminded of a complete stranger that gave what he could to help this poor baby, a kitten he would most likely never stroke. Because of that kindness, this cat, that was left for dead, will have a full, happy life.

I am, and always will be, gratefull to FVEAP. I don’t know what would have happened without this wonderful organization.” – Theresa & Shadow


” I got Ashley as a 6 week old kitten who stole my heart immediately. She is now 9 years old. In March she developed tumors on her back that finally ruptured. I am a single mom with 2 kids and a mortgage and it was impossible for me to pay for the surgery that was necessary for Ashley. I contacted the FVEAP and explained my situation. I was approved for funding to help pay for the surgery.This could not have been done without the love and help of FVEAP. Tim I literally owe you my cat’s life!!! Without you and everyone else who made this possible, my poor Ashley would be in a lot of pain. I am grateful to all of you people more than I can say. Even though all I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart, it does not seem like enough!!! My cat is going to be OK and I owe it all to you. Thank you so much Tim and everybody at FVEAP. You and these people are a Godsend.” Marilyn & Ashley.


“My name is Missy and I am an 11 year old Tortie Manx, and I live in Arizona. I live with Mom & Dad, 3 human sisters and 8 feline brothers and sisters.

Not all of us are allowed outdoors, but I have proven myself to be a good girl and I stay in my own yard. The front yard belongs to me and I guard it like any good cat, walking the perimeter several times a day.

Back on Monday Night, July 22nd, I was outside with Dad, when this large dog being walked with out a leash (that makes Mom very mad) attacked me!

I was in his/her mouth, being flung like a rag doll! Dad scared the dog away with yelling and a hose, and yelled for Mom to come! By the time Mom got outside, those people and their dog were gone, Dad said they took off very fast….

I had limped away and was laying by the fence. Mom took me inside on a towel, and was very very upset, begging me not to leave her. Mom laid with me all night, and in the morning took me to my Doctor.

That is where Tim came into our lives. Mom says veterinary care is expensive, and I needed it fast. Tim was available on the phone to Mom all morning, and even spoke to the Doctor’s office, and arranged to pay for a large portion of my emergency veterinary bill. Tim made this stressful time much easier for my family and myself, for which I will be eternally grateful!

My injuries included a punctured lung, bruised heart and liver, bruised chest muscles and elevated muscle and liver enzymes. The Doctor says I have about a month of healing ahead of me, but thanks to Tim’s generosity and his organization, I will live!

I do not go outside any more, but I guess the indoor accommodations are not that bad~ I wish to thank Tim for helping Mom with my care, and saving my life, and the lives of other kitties with emergency needs. I owe Tim one of my nine lives. With headbutts and kitty hugs, Missy.

Mom’s turn: We were faced with a life or death situation, and a costly one at that. Tim was right there, selflessly giving of his time and
resources. Tim did not know who we were, he only knew a kitty was in need of emergency care and he provided that. I work with our local rescue groups, and I am getting the word out about TIm’s organization so that donations can be made, so other kitties with emergency needs can receive the fast, life saving assistance that our Missy received.

Thank you Tim, for being there for us at a very hard time, thank you for your generosity and concern. And thank you for starting such a wonderful organization. Your help will never be forgotten”.

With much love and gratitude, Karen, John & Missy


“My most beloved 4 year old Maine Coon, Moochie, was just diagnosed with injection site related fibrosarcoma. I immediately scoured the web for information and support when someone sent me a link to FVEAP for financial assistance. I gathered what information I had, held my breath, and faxed it to FVEAP. By the time I got home from work, there was a generous reply waiting for me in my email inbox, plus a phone call from Tim. I would never been able to provide my Moochie Kitty with treatment options if not for the generous offering of FVEAP”. Cindy and Moochie Kitty


“I adopted Molly at the SPCA when she was 9 weeks old. She was very sick with a URI and she was very frail. She stopped eating and had to be force fed at the vet. After coming home, she wedged herself under the washing machine and broke her shoulder. We had to take her to a specialist who could repair the break but when I heard the cost I was shocked. I only had about half of what was needed and the vet said she would have to be PTS without the surgery.

One of the Vet Techs at the hospital found the FVEAP website. I sent in an application and they helped me financially to get Molly’s surgery. Molly and I are very grateful for their caring and generosity”. Molly & Melanie


“Shorty is only still with us because of your kindness and organization that helps injured kitties in need. I am so thankful for all you have done. When I tell others the story about how Shorty was going to die if she didn’t get this much needed surgery and how you made it possible, they cannot beleive that you helped us like you did. I call you my angel in California. Thank you again from all of us here, even and mostly Shorty. God bless you Tim and thanks again for the kindness you have shown my family. We will never forget you”. Gina and Shorty

~ NOAH ~

“I want to thank Tim and everyone at the FVEAP for being there for Noah and me, not only financially but emotionally. You understood what I was feeling and you were willing to give Noah a chance. Your heart, compassion, and love for sick kitties is unconditional and we are truly thankful! When I tell others about how the FVEAP helped Noah get
his surgery, they get teary-eyed. He would have had no chance at life without you. We are forever thankful!” Alisha and Noah.

~ JACK ~

“Our cat, Jack, was diagnosed with a urinary tract blockage. The hospital said they had to clear it or he would die. My wife and I are still trying to recover from a financial crisis so we were unsure what to do. The ABC Veterinary Hospital told us about FVEAP and we contacted them right away. They could have said no but they didn’t. They said yes and agreed to help Jack. Without them, Jack would not be here today. He is recovering and doing well. Thank you FVEAP, we were blessed to have you.” James and Jack


“Thank you soooo much for your help. Without your assistance, I lived in fear that my little Wheezer would not make it! Now he has a chance at a long, happy life filled with joy and love! I cannot thank you enough – words cannot express the gratitude that fills my heart and soul when I think of my Wheezer being able to breathe at last!!! He is the sweetest kitty and I know he would give you loud raspy purrs and heartfelt head butts of gratitude if he could. I am filled with joy and hope that cannot be measured. . . All of you at FVEAP are angels and I will think of you every day from now until the surgery, and again every day thereafter that my Wheezer can run and play and purr and sing like any other 3 year old kitty!” Heather & Wheezer

~ SAM ~

“Working with the FVEAP was like working with angels. I didn’t feel like I needed to explain how important Sam is to us and how I couldn’t bear to think of letting him down or go. Not everyone has the same relationship with their pets, but I knew that Tim understood.

Not only was he there to help us with the bill for Sam’s care but I feel that this organization opened up our eyes about a lot of things. First and foremost, I am changing to veterinarians who do charity work. I don’t want to give my money and entrust the care of my pet to someone who does not have the same philosophy that I do. Second, and just as important, is the need to support organizations like the FVEAP and the work that they do. When I accepted the help, I made a commitment to repay the money that they were able to help us with so that when someone else needs the help, it is there for them. I also feel that it is my responsibility to spread the news about this organization.” Darci & Sam

~ LEVI ~

“I cannot thank you enough!!! I just sat here and finished crying because of my gratitude for having this weight lifted from my shoulders, and the fact that a complete stranger was willing to help me. I am so very thankful to you and your organization for helping me, kelping Levi, in out time of need. You are a huge blessing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.” Audra & Levi


“This experience, though a sad one, has taught me a few wonderful lessons and blessed me with gifts beyond belief. Please let everyone know how much we love them and that Puskers is home and doing very well” Randi & Puskers

~ ALEX ~

“I want to say a big THANK YOU for helping us out with this beautiful kitten that came into our home. She had a very badly broken leg which needed amputation. She also was seriously ill. We contacted the FVEAP and it was so easy. Our request was approved immediately and a check was mailed to the vet the same day. I am so thankful for the help given to us and our precious Alex.” Donna & Alex

~ Kala ~

“FVEAP really came through for me when my 6 mo. old kitty Kala was hit by a car. The vet said that I either had to spend $700. on surgery that may not be successful, $300. for amputation, or euthanasia, which was not an option because she is part of our family. I emailed FVEAP for help and they contacted me the same night. I am so grateful to them for helping me save Kala’s life.” Sherril & Kala

~ Socks ~

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Please tell Debbie I said thank you, she was really great. We are really grateful for all your have done for Socks. Thank, thank you, thank you so very much for helping Socks.” Dawn, Socks and Family

~ Sonny ~

“I took Sonny to the emergency room with a serious case of Cystitis. Unfortunately, Sonny’s condition worsened with urethral sphincter spasms and an operation was required. Unable to afford the exorbitant veterinary bill, I contacted the FVEAP and explained the situation. They immediately helped and I was ecstatic. Sonny is purring as loud as ever these days, and surely will for many years to come. Thank you FVEAP!” Carmen & Sonny

~ ABC Veterinary Hospital, El Cajon, CA ~

“Dear FVEAP: Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate your donations. Your kindness has made it possible for many of our clients to receive much needed medical treatment for their beloved pets. Sincerely, Dr. Karlberg & Staff.”

~ Sasha ~

“Sasha and I thank you dearly for all your help. She’s been my little buddy for almost 10 years.” Dave & Sasha

~ Bubba ~

“I can’t thank you enough for your emergency help. I did not have any other way to help him and he is so special to me and has been my joy for 9 years.” Kelly & Bubba

~ Church Hill Pet Hospital ~

“Dear FVEAP: We sincerely appreciate your donation to help Lucky Boy. He is a true fighter and faced an uncertain future if not for the generosity and hard work of people like you and the FVEAP. Thank You” The staff – Dr. Calcote, Denise, Toudria, Dee, Erica & Devona
~ Pumpkin ~
“I want to extend my appreciation for the immediate help that you offered my family and I as we were going through an emotional time. We were unsure how we were going to pay for a large vet bill and, once I asked for assistance, your response was unbelievable. I can’t thank you enough for your help. You had no questions or forms or technicalities that held things up. You just saw a need for an animal and stepped right up to help.

You are truly an amazing organization and I wish you all God’s blessings. I pray that God will pour out his blessing for all of you. May God bless all of you that open your hearts to not only a good cause, but an animal in need.” Truly Blessed, Carolyn, Tim & Jason


“It may seem corny, but in a way, Felix and I saved each other. When I found him he was hungry, cold, and alone. He was de-clawed with no way of defending himself, and he had claw marks across his face as if an animal had gotten to him. In a way I didn’t find him, he found me.
I’d been going through some hard times in my life when Felix found me several years ago. I’d been visiting my grandmother with my family and we stopped at a gas station on the way home. Felix was there; this large black cat who cried at the people who passed him by. I held him in my arms and he proceeded to lick my neck and put his arms up on my shoulders as if to give me a hug. I took him home with the intention of finding his owner. Over the next few weeks I looked for Felix’s former owner. I called every vet and every pound I could find, but nothing came up. During this time I instantly fell in love with that cat; what a personality he had! He was moody and bossy, but at the end of the day he’d always come curl up on my legs and go to sleep. He’d stalk me around the house, and give me kisses every morning. He was the most affectionate cat I’d ever seen, and he was mine, and I his. I’d never loved an animal so much. It might seem silly, but to me he was like a little child. He was my light at the end of everything, and he made me happy. Felix was the one I came home to, and he was always there waiting to welcome me home.

Four years passed and Felix remained a consistency in my life. I moved to different places, I started going to college, went from job to job, but he was always there. He was a healthy and strong cat until a few days ago when a friend and I noticed a sudden and strange behavior. Felix wouldn’t move. He lay in a corner having abdomen spasms and he made the most awful yowling sound, especially if anyone touched him at all. I took him into the emergency vet and they told me that he had a urinary blockage, and that was why he was in so much pain. They told me the cost, and that he would die or have to be euthanized without it. The cost made my heart sink.

This was an especially bad time, because just a week before I had lost my job. I had another one to start in a week, but I didn’t have any money, and there was no way I was going to come up with it all. I came from a family that didn’t have a lot of money. They would have helped me if they could, but unfortunately they just didn’t have the funds either. I was devastated; the thought of having to put Felix down…It tore me apart. The vet gave Felix morphine to try and make him more comfortable so that they could buy me a few hours to try and come up with something. It felt like the most hopeless situation. Here was the cat that I loved so much, whom made me so happy, and it didn’t seem like I could do anything to save him. Through out the night I called relatives, friends, I applied for various loans and grants, but it just seemed more and more hopeless. I took the cat into my local vet in the morning hoping for some kind of answer, but the vet offered no payment plans, and there wasn’t a lot they could do. I was devastated. They agreed to relieve his bladder for the time being, as he was only hours from death, again buying me a little more time. I continued my search. I managed to get a hold of my uncle and his wife, who live quite far away now. They agreed to lend me some of the money that I needed, which was a relief on my heart. Then I heard back from Tim at the Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program. Tim provided me with the grant I so desperately needed. Between that grant and the money lent to me, I finally had enough for them to continue Felix’s treatment. I called in and checked on him several times a day each day; delighted about the reports that he was eating, or that he seemed to be in a lot less pain, that he was partially urinating. I continued to hold my breath, because I knew he was not out of the woods. There were toxins built up in his system now, and his kidneys still weren’t completely well. I prayed for Felix, and I prayed that he would fight for me.

Only a couple short days after he had been taken to the vet, Felix was returned to me with medication and a prescription diet to keep him well, and to keep crystals from building up in his system again! If not for FVEAP, my uncle Bob, and his wife Gina, I would not have been able to save Felix. I would have had to euthanize him, and it would have broken my heart. I still can’t bear the thought of loosing him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving Felix back to me. Thank you for giving him the chance to fight, and the chance to live a long and happy life.”