My Guide to Pate vs Chunks Cat Food (My Cat Approved!)

Written by

Amy Sawy

Veterinarian. DVM


Joseph M. Plummer

Veterinarian, DVM, MVZ

pate vs chunks cat food

We will sum up for you the basic differences between pate vs chunks cat food. While pate food is smooth, chunk food’s texture is a bit softer, as it is flaky. And, it’s easy to notice that pate cat food is more creamy, which some cats prefer. Our cats, Luna and Rosalie, seem to love this type.

However, Squirrel, another one of our babies, likes the flaky chunk type better. In this article, we will show you the result of our test of these two types regarding:

  • Texture
  • Nutrition values
  • Price

Please note that all the cat foods discussed in this article have been rigorously tested by the FVEAP.

A Quick Comparison

Dr. Joseph recommends that you should pick wet food for your cat if it’s suffering from certain health conditions, including kidney diseases. When your felines need to have more fluid intake, wet cat food is always the go-to option.

Now, among the choices of wet food, textures vary, including pate and meat chunks. Below is the comparison of Kirkland’s chunk food type and Purina ONE’s pate type, which we use for our three cats to figure out their preferences.

Purina ONE Pate Kirkland Chunks in Gravy
Ideal for Adult cats and kittens Adult cats and kittens
Ingredients Chicken and chicken broth, turkey

Carrots and spinach


Salmon and chicken

No grain (wheat, oats, barley rice, and corn)

Texture Creamy and smooth A bit softer than pate, flaky
Good for Cat’s skin health, cats with sensitive stomach For healthy cat coat and skin

Good for digestion

Support the immune system

Nutrition Crude protein (11%), crude fat (6.5%), crude fiber (1.5%)

Moisture (75%)

Vitamin A, E, and Taurine.

Crude protein (8%), crude fat (3%), crude fiber (1.5%).

Moisture (82%)

Omega 3 and 6, Fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamin E, etc.

Additives No fillers, no artificial colors, and preservatives No artificial colors and preservatives
Price $28.32 $23.99

1. Texture


When it comes to wet cat food texture, pate and chunks are two popular options. Both are quite soft, and their spreadable consistency allows for easy consumption and digestion.

However, the moisture level of chunk food (82%) is higher than that of the pate type (75%); therefore, it is the softer and flakier one of the two. If your cats always prefer eating velvety meat, they would love the pate-type more.

2. Comparing Nutrient Content

We always pay attention to nutrient content when choosing food for our cats since their nutrient requirements vary.

From our research on the products and customer reviews, both Purina ONE Pate and Kirkland Chunks in Gravy are formulated to provide a balanced diet for kittens and adult cats, ensuring they receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins.


However, we find out that, based on the ingredients, Purina One has a slightly higher cat nutrition value, ideal for those with specific dietary requirements or needing extra nourishment. This type of pate cat food is also beneficial for cats with a sensitive stomach. So if your cats often have a hard time digesting new food, it’s a good choice.


Meanwhile, from what we observe, Omega 3 and 6 and fatty acids added to Kirkland’s product are noticeably better for the cat’s skin health. It also has vitamin E and Zinc, so it’s beneficial for cats’ immune systems. And, this type of wet cat food is easy on your cat’s stomach, too.

3. Flavor

Adding berries such as cranberries might make them more appealing to cats if you have tried both wet foods for the first time. That’s probably why our cats favor the Purina ONE Pate one a bit better since the beginning.

4. Value for Price


Price is another factor that many cat owners consider when choosing cat food. Besides, the prices on different websites will vary slightly, so make sure you get yourself a good deal by checking all the reliable retailers.

Kirkland Chunks in Gravy is known for its affordability, providing a good balance between quality and cost.

On the other hand, Purina One is slightly more expensive but offers a higher nutritional value.

Do Cats Prefer Pate or Chunks?


Among these two types, our cats have shown a clear preference. Luna and Rosaline absolutely love the smooth texture and rich flavor that Purina ONE pate offers.

Meanwhile, Squirrel prefers the softer Kirkland Chunks in Gravy with more moisture, probably because its digestion system is a bit weaker than the other two.


Wet cat food actually has the best texture for cats of all ages. You can feed them pate or chunky food without worrying about their stomach. The choices depend on whether you need higher nutrient content for your cats or softer food with more vitamins for their skin.

Indeed, individual cat preferences may vary, to know which one your cats will love more between pate vs chunks cat food, you can let your cat try both. It’s important to consider your cat’s specific needs and consult with a veterinarian before making any changes to their diet.

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