how often do cats pee
Behaviour & Training

How Often Do Cats Pee? Knowing Your Pet’s Health

Taking care of your cat entails a lot of responsibility beyond feeding and bathing it. You must also know its health status. “How often do …

Behaviour & Training

how to tame a feral cat

How to Tame a Feral Cat? – 5 Steps You Should Do

Feral cats are used to being alone and solitary. They usually spend their lives outside and do not have adequate social engagement with humans, so …


kidney failure in cats when to euthanize
Amy Sawy

Kidney Failure in Cats When to Euthanize

Cats have longer lifespans than other house pets. As they say, cats have nine lives. …

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When Do Cats Stop Growing? How Long They Stay a Kitten?

Kittens are adorable creatures that come in the smallest of sizes! When you first get …

how to stop a cat in heat from meowing
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How to Stop a Cat in Heat From Meowing? (5 Effective Ways)

When a cat is in heat, owners experience sudden changes in the behavior of the …