Mailman vs Angry Cat – Funny Moments

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Amy Sawy

Veterinarian. DVM


Joseph M. Plummer

Veterinarian, DVM, MVZ

mailman vs angry cat

Feline pets may be great fur companions at home, to the point that they might not be taken lightly. In this case, especially for our dear mailmen. Discover the funny encounter way back in 2014 that captured a lot of attention.

Well, who wouldn’t?

This read will give an action sequence of Mailman vs Angry Cat that you will see in the next. Read on!

The Never-Ending Conflict: How the Battle Unfolds

Now, it’s time to unfold what truly happened with this cute fight!

The conflict started when the mailman was about to send off some letters to this lovely house. Surprisingly, a kitty at the window was watching him carefully. Thinking that the cat was just hawking out of boredom, he decided to slip down the deliveries.

The Watchful Cat

However, when he was about to put the letters into the mini slot at the door – things became quite stirred. Turns out that this watcher feline is an angry and ferocious fur pet that is ready to charge at his nemesis – poor guy!

The Battle Begins

But, what is funnier is that the mailman seemed to be also thrilled and prepared for this comical battle. Although it was a bit tough when the cat got his gloves – sharp moves!

The Tug of Gloves

He tried a different tactic: inserting per letter, but the cat still seemed thirsty for combat. The cat kept on blocking the incoming mail to the door slot. Despite the rivalry, the mail delivery was still successful.

Mad Cat’s Home

All the letters – even the leaflets were sent to the other side of the slot. Well, that’s a relief! The only question left is, “How about tomorrow?”.

We bet that the heat of the feud was still on. There might be a part two of the cat attacking the mailman. Good luck to you, brave mailman!


There is still no clear reason why there is a Mailman vs Angry Cat event that we might say was iconic. The startling battle went viral and gained a lot of curious and amused fans. People are still in shock as to why that fur pet is a mad challenger to the delivery mail guy.

The important part, too, is that no harm was done, and delivering the letters was a success. We just hope that there are no other angry pets to his mailing quest. And, of course, wishing that the furious kitty will be chill in no time.

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