Chocolate Point vs Seal Point Siamese Cat

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chocolate point vs seal point siamese cat

Every time a Siamese walks across the room, I can’t help but imagine it as a stylish feline flaunting its sleek black mask and black boots.

However, did you know that the unique dark spots or points can come in up to 33 colors, but none of them are black?

In this article, we will compare two of the most common types, the Chocolate Point vs Seal Point Siamese cat.

Characteristic Chocolate Point Siamese Seal Point Siamese
Typical Height 8 to 12 pounds 6 to 13 pounds
Typical Weight 8 to 10 inches 11 to 15 inches
Life Expectancy 8 to 20 yrs 8 to 25 yrs
Color Base coat: Cream or yellowish brown. Color may change over time.

Spot colors: Rich and dark brown. May appear black under indirect light.

Nose/paws: Deep brown

Base coat: Ivory white. Color does not change over time.

Spot colors: Light milk chocolate color.

Nose/paw: Light brown or pink

Difference Between Seal Point vs Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

1. History

Seal Point


The Seal Point Siamese cat history can be traced back to around the 1350s, and before other classes were recognized, all cats of this breed were considered Seal Points.

It is the oldest variety of Siamese cats with an ancient Thai origin, where they get their distinct characteristics and pointed coloration. They are said to have served the royal Thai families and have been used to guard their precious possessions.

There is no official record as to when the breed was brought to the States. That said, Seal Points allegedly gained recognition in 1878 when the first lady Lucy Hayes received one as a gift.

Chocolate Point


The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is often mistaken for Seal Points. In fact, back in the day, they used to be considered Chocolate Point cats with poor coat colors.

Unsurprisingly, it was not until 1952 that they were first established as a separate class by the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association). From there, they have won different awards, including their first back-to-back CFA titles as Siamese Breed and National Winner in 1977.

This class is rarer than Seal Points. An adult Chocolate Point, depending on the breed, can cost you as much as $1,200, while its kittens are currently priced at no less than $600.

2. Coat Color Specifics

You can generally distinguish a Seal Point from a Chocolate Point through the colors of its body, nose, and paws.

For the eyes, because of their Himalayan genetics, both classes have a similar set of dark and vibrant blue eyes.

  • Seal Point


The large part of a Seal Point body can have a light yellowish-brown to cream color with warmer tones, while the belly and chest could be white or noticeably lighter than the body. Note that their base coat may change as the cats mature.

Their ears, facial mask, legs, and tails are almost black because of their rich, dark brown colors, commonly known as deep seal brown.

To complement their colored points, other parts like their nose and paw pads can have the same elegant deep seal brown colors.

  • Chocolate Point


Unlike Seal Point, Chocolate Point typically comes in lighter colors. It has a uniform ivory white body, which does not change over time. The belly and chest could be ivory or white.

Apart from the color of the body, their points are lighter as well. Their ears, facial mask, legs, and tails appear in light-toned milk chocolate color.

However, it’s important to note that not all chocolate brown Siamese cats are Chocolate Point, and the best way to confirm the class is through the color of its nose and paws. These cats are easily identified by their delicate cinnamon-pink to light brown nose leather and paw pads.

  • Other Factors That Could Affect Their Color
  • Temperature

Some veterinarians believe that the colorpoints are associated with their body’s reaction to heat, wherein the cooler parts that represent points are darker and vice versa.

Siamese kittens can be all white upon birth, but their coats will eventually change as soon as they are exposed to colder environments and as they age.

  • Cat Coat Color Genetics

Just like humans, cats can have parents with diverse genetic compositions, which then produce more color variations.

For example, Color Point’s color range appears lighter because it carries genes of a Seal Point that are diluted or with less saturation.

3. Health and Care


Siamese cats are generally a robust breed, and with proper care, they can live up to more than 20 years. Moreover, other factors like their genetics and living environment should likewise be considered.

As they age, you also have to watch out for the following common possible ailments that might affect your cat’s general well-being.

  • Seal Point
  • Abnormal consumption of inedible materials like paper or plastic could be an indication that they are suffering from Pica Syndrome.
  • Early signs of visual impairments, in the absence of intervention, could soon lead to total vision at an early age.
  • Vestibular disease, OCD, and respiratory infection.
  • Chocolate Point
  • Simple ear infections may later result in vestibular disease.
  • Frequent and abnormal meowing or yowling can be a sign that your Siamese has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Common colds that are accompanied by fever or appetite loss could be caused by an underlying respiratory infection.

Siamese cats are very social and engaging. They also tend to have a loving personality, so they often long for the same affection from their person.

Apart from regular checkups and vaccinations, make sure to make time for them. Consider giving them a partner that would help keep them entertained and reduce anxiety when you are not around.

In terms of grooming, both Chocolate Points and Seal Points are low-maintenance cats. Moreover, for proper growth and maintenance, you may follow some practices such as:

  • Brushing their hair using a soft brush at least once a week.
  • Trim their nails as needed.
  • Brush their teeth once daily or at least three times a week to avoid dental issues.
  • Provide toys and other activities to keep them active.


It can sometimes be very challenging to tell apart Chocolate Point vs Seal Point Siamese cat, especially when you’re not a breeder. However, you can always take a quick look at this guide.

In case you are wondering which class is right for you, one of the vital factors to consider is your preference in terms of color.

Note that Seal Points have darker color points, and their body can have varying tones that could change as they grow, while Chocolate Points have lighter color points and uniform ivory bodies that remain over their lifetime.

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