Rooster vs Cat: Which Would Win in a Real Fight?

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Amy Sawy

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Joseph M. Plummer

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rooster vs cat

If you own a cat and some roosters, you’re probably keeping your feline indoors to prevent it from attacking the latter. While roosters are not aggressive, they might see your cat as a threat, thus provoking them to attack.

Your cat will put up a fight, of course. This can lead to a messy, if not bloody, encounter, with one animal getting injured more than the other.

So, in this article, we will discuss which will win in a rooster vs. cat fight. We will also provide ways to prevent such an incident from happening.


1. A Cat’s Strengths


Cats have a flexible skeletal system and powerful muscles that allow them to leap great distances and heights. Since their musculoskeletal system is light, they can stalk and pounce on their prey stealthily.

Their sharp claws further enhance their hunting prowess, enabling them to grip onto surfaces and defend themselves effectively.

Moreover, cats have retained some of their ancestor’s wild instincts. For this reason, they showcase agility and keen senses of smell and hearing.

This combination of physical strength and excellent senses make felines great fighters.

2. How Strong Are Roosters?


Roosters are not aggressive animals. However, they may show signs of aggression as they grow old.

One reason for the roosters’ aggression is the fact that they are prey animals.

However, it is worth noting that they will not attack unless taunted. Instead, they will only attack another animal, such as a cat, when they perceive it as a threat.

Like felines, roosters have sharp ‘claws’ or spurs that they use to defend themselves. They also use their beak to injure opponents.

To increase their chances of winning, they will first “flog” their attackers, meaning they will flap their wings fast to beat them.

How Do Cats and Roosters Interact?

In a chicken vs. cat situation, each animal may behave differently, as a chicken is a prey while the latter is a predator.

1. A Rooster’s Behavior Around Cats


The behavior of a rooster when a cat goes near it depends on its temperament and the specific circumstances of their interaction.

Roosters tend to be protective, especially around their flock. So, when a cat comes near, it may show a defensive posture, such as puffing up its feathers, standing tall, and spreading its wings to appear larger.

While a rooster may only do this to appear intimidating, it may engage in a real fight with a cat if the cat continues to threaten it.

Moreover, roosters are protective of their chicks. In an instance that a cat or kitten comes near, it may fight to death just to protect its flock.

Most of the time, the rooster will chase the cat away from its flock. But if the cat puts up a fight, the rooster will attack it until it gives up.

2. How A Cat Behaves Around A Rooster


When a cat sees a rooster, its hunting instinct may kick in. Such is especially true when it is larger than the rooster.

You may see your cat crouch down as if it is ready to attack its target.

But the cat tends to fear the rooster when both animals are the same size.

However, it is worth noting that while there are instances of a cat attacking and killing a rooster, such situations are very rare.

Which Animal Would Win in a Fight?

A house cat is an agile creature. There is no doubt that it can defend itself when a strong rooster attacks.

However, the strength of a rooster lies in its large movements. Once it flaps its wings, the cat will no longer be able to get a grip on its neck, which it usually does to defeat its opponent.

For this reason, there are better chances for the rooster to win a fight against a feline if the two are of equal size.

A house cat also has less wild instinct than feral cats, which is another reason why a rooster may win a fight against it. But if the rooster will fight a feral feline, the latter may devour it in minutes.

Can a Cat Kill a Rooster?


Whether or not a cat can kill a rooster depends on the latter’s size. If the cat is larger than the rooster, then it can kill it.

However, felines will have a difficult time taking down a large rooster. But that doesn’t mean the feline cannot kill it.

If a cat bites or scratches the rooster in a sensitive part of its body, the wound could be fatal.


There are ways to prevent a rooster vs. cat fight. For instance, you can keep your feline friend indoors so it does not go near your roosters.

Or, if you are just bringing a new chicken into your backyard, you can gradually introduce it to your cat and separate the two animals with a fence. This way, your feline friend will no longer get curious about the rooster’s presence.

Just make sure not to leave the two animals alone, so they don’t hurt each other.

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