Purina Cat Chow vs Purina One: Which is Better?

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Amy Sawy

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Joseph M. Plummer

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When searching for cat food, one name you often encounter is Purina, which is currently number one in global pet care. The two top-selling product lines within this brand are Cat Chow and Purina One.

So, between the two, which one is better for your feline companion? Check out this Purina cat chow vs Purina One comparison to make an informed decision.

Purina One vs. Cat Chow Comparison

1. Nutritional value


One of the first things you should pay attention to when buying cat food is its nutritional value to ensure it meets the pet’s dietary needs.

Between Purina One and Cat Chow, the former is richer in terms of crude protein, fat, and fiber. Such a diet is ideal for cats suffering from weight issues or diabetes. Meanwhile, food with lower protein content will be better for felines with liver or kidney problems.

Nutrient Purina Cat Chow Purina One
Crude protein Up to 38% Up to 42%
Crude fat Up to 13% Up to 17%
Crude fiber Up to 5% Up to 5.2%

2. Price


Unsurprisingly, Purina One is slightly more expensive than Cat Chow due to its higher protein and fat content. You can check the table below to see the price difference between the two product lines.

Product Per pound pricing
Purina Cat Chow Cat Chow Complete with Real Salmon Dry Cat Food $1.24
Purina Kitten Chow High Protein Cat Food Naturals $1.9
Purina One Purina ONE Real Salmon #1 Ingredient Dry Cat Food $2.14
Purina ONE® Kitten Dry Cat Food $2.94

That said, Purina One is still considered an affordable option compared to its competitors, as pointed out by u/Treschelle “Purina One is our cheap, but still good choice. Wholesale clubs usually sell it, too, for it to be even cheaper.”

3. Recalls

No discussion on pet food is complete without knowing the recall history, since it gives you an idea of how trustworthy the product quality control is.

Purina Cat Chow was recalled back in 1978. Purina One, unfortunately, was recalled twice – one time in July 2011 and another in August 2013.

4. Variants

Within the Purina Cat chow rand, there are 3 main categories, namely:


  1. Cat Chow indoor products
  2. Cat Chow natural
  3. Cat Chow complete products

If you buy from Purina One, you’ll have up to 6 main categories to choose from:


  1. Dry cat food
  2. Wet cat food
  3. Kitten food
  4. Senior cat food
  5. Indoor advantage
  6. Sensitive systems

In terms of versatility, Purina One has an edge since it also sells dog food. Moreover, it offers dry and wet food options, while Parina Cat Chow only offers dry cat food.

5. Controversial ingredients

Purina Cat Chow does have some controversial ingredients like:

  • Sodium selenite
  • Artificial colors

Some of the controversial ingredients in Purina One include:

  • Artificial colors
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Animal byproducts

Both product lines have controversial ingredients. However, it seems like Purina One has more of them. Add to that the fact that it has been recalled twice, which makes it more risky. Therefore, Purina Cat Chow certainly wins this round.

Which Food is Better for My Cat?


Instead of going through countless reviews to find pet food good for cats, it’s best to go with Purina Cat Chow. Even though it doesn’t feature as much nutrition as Purina One does, it also has less controversial ingredients and a better track record in terms of recall.


Even though the comparison of Purina Cat Chow vs Purina One seemed like a close one, when you look at the bigger picture, you realize that the former is the clear winner due to how it poses less safety concern.

That said, Purina One is not a bad choice either, considering how well-received it is. In fact, it’s also recommended by vets and proven to improve feline health. So, if you’re tempted by its appealing nutritional value, don’t hesitate to go for Purina One.

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