How to Keep Cats Away From Christmas Tree? – 5 Ways

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how to keep cats away from christmas tree

Cats are curious animals that will investigate whatever you bring to your home. They can make a mess out of flashy objects used for decorating during the holiday season, such as shiny Christmas balls or bright Christmas lights. So, do you want to know how to keep cats away from Christmas tree?

The answer is plain and simple: place it in a strategic location your cats cannot easily access. You can also use citrus scents or hide dangling decorations to keep cats out of Christmas tree.

How to Cat-proof a Tree


1. Use Deterrent Sprays

Cats have a sharp sense of smell, making particular fragrances unbearable. These are effective at preventing stray cats from your home and can also be used to keep cat away from Christmas tree.

Making deterrent sprays using natural ingredients is a wise and practical option. Some natural ingredients you can spray around your Christmas tree are scents such as vinegar, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender, and menthol.

Pinecones also emit a strong smell that cats cannot tolerate. So, you can spray on Christmas tree to keep cat away or strategically place them around your tree as a decoration.

But as the scent wears down, bear in mind that you have to reapply the spray from time to time.

2. Use Aluminum Foil


Another effective Christmas tree cat deterrent is aluminum foil. For cats, the crackling noise of aluminum foils sounds high-pitched and may be intolerable.

Thus, numerous cat owners use this material to prevent their felines from exploring restricted areas or objects.

You can take advantage of aluminum foils to protect Christmas tree from cats. You can do this by wrapping the base of your Christmas tree with foil to discourage your pet from climbing on the tree and playing with your decorations.

3. Hide Tempting Decorations

Cats are attracted to hanging objects as it triggers their prey drive. However, this behavior can cause them to knock things down, especially when it is your Christmas decoration that they want to strike.

You can deter cats from Christmas tree by hiding irresistibly tempting decorations and keeping them out of their sight. This includes electric cords and other glittery ornaments. Besides, electrical cables are dangerous and can shock them if they break through them.

Cats, especially kittens, are also drawn to flashy Christmas tree lights. So placing all the lights at heights felines cannot get to is one of the best ways to keep a kitten out of a Christmas tree.

4. Place Christmas Tree Strategically

You can also place your tree in a strategic location where your cát cannot quickly jump or lunge on them. Setting up your tree in a corner away from any furniture is ideal, making climbing nearly impossible.

Still, remember that cats are excellent jumpers, so limiting or completely removing access to movable articles that they can get on is vital to ultimately get cats to leave Christmas tree alone.

5. Place Orange Peels


Do orange peels keep cats away from Christmas trees? The answer is yes. In fact, placing orange peels or citrus rinds around your tree can prevent cats from coming too close to your decorations.

Orange peels are also one of the most convenient home remedies to stop cats from climbing Christmas tree. They are completely natural and are incredibly successful in deterring cats.

However, although cats generally dislike and do not eat citrus, they can be toxic when ingested. So it is vital to always keep an eye on your cat, especially when implementing this strategy at home.



1. Why do cats climb Christmas trees?

Cats are naturally intrigued animals that love to explore and climb trees. They find trees a safe space, especially when they sense danger. Hence, they are fond of climbing Christmas trees and may unintentionally knock them down sometimes.

On top of this natural behavior, cats view hanging ornaments as toys, and adding sparkling lights will surely intensify their excitement.

Another factor to consider is the irresistible outdoor fragrance on your Christmas tree. As much as cats, despite particular scents, inquisitive cats are attracted to and will scour certain smells.

2. What Christmas tree is best for cats?

An artificial Christmas tree is often a better and safer option when you have cats inside your house. Fake trees minimize the risk of your cat ingesting harmful and toxic oils that may irritate your cat’s mouth and stomach.

Although there are still quite a few risks with artificial Christmas trees, the hazards are not as severe as real trees.

And besides, fake Christmas trees are usually made from non-toxic plastics, making them immensely safer for your pet.

3. What can keep cats distracted from destroying Christmas trees?

Providing your cats with toys will keep them stimulated and busy enough to get distracted by your Christmas tree. Remember that they take an interest in your Christmas ornaments because they see them as something to play with.

Instead, give them cat toys, such as a squeaky mouse to chase or a cat exercise wheel, to keep them entertained for hours. Cat feather wands are also a great alternative and are too irresistible to ignore for felines.

Without toys to keep them occupied, cats will most likely scratch furniture and destroy things inside the house, including your embellished Christmas tree. And knowing the best ways to keep your cats off your furniture and indoor trees is needed.


Christmas tree decorating is a relaxing task people look forward to during the holiday season. However, maintaining your beautifully decorated tree can be challenging with a pet cat around. But now that you know how to keep cats away from Christmas tree, it will no longer be as difficult.

Putting in place the strategies mentioned above enables you to take precautionary measures. It also ensures your Christmas tree will not be bound for disaster, and finally, spend a great Christmas knowing you do not have to yank your cat away from your tree again.

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