Chihuahua vs Cat – Can They Live Together?

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chihuahua vs cat

As a fur parent, seeing cats and dogs not getting along is normal, though it isn’t always true. So, let’s answer if chihuahua vs cat can coexist harmoniously without tearing each other.

If your chihuahua is used to being around cats, they can get along without a hitch. But if not, then it’s important to create a slow but steady routine so your chihuahua or cat will be at ease and less stressed.

The first thing you need to do is to know your pet. While the two animals have similar sizes, it still depends on their personality. So, check out our tips and tricks to help chihuahuas with cats get along.



Besides the behaviors and traits of chihuahuas and cats, it’s helpful to know their physical characteristics as well. So, check out this short table to differentiate the size comparison, speed, and others between chihuahuas vs cats.

Chihuahua Cat
Size Weight: 3-6 lbs; overweight to 12 or more

Height: 6-9 inches

Length: 9.5-15 inches

Weight: 8-12 lbs

Height: 9-10 inches

Length: 30 inches (including the tail)

Speed and Movement Type 8-21 mph


 30 mph

Highly agile

Senses Can hear between 80 ft-1 mile

Smell sensitivity is 10,000 times more acute than humans

Common health complication: Vision is not a dominant sense; prone to blindness

Have a keen vision; they can see more detail than dogs

Very sensitive to sound; among the best hearing in small mammals

Smell sensitivity is 10 times more than humans; don’t rely that much on the smell that other animals

Defenses Vocal breed


Fast speed

Good agility

Sensitive senses

Offensive Capabilities Bite force (3,900 psi or pounds per square inch) Bite and claw enemies

Bite force (70 psi)

Predatory Behavior   Ambush predator Opportunistic and ambush predator

A Cat vs Chihuahua Fight: Who Would Win?


If you’re wondering how can a cat kill a chihuahua, then you should start by looking at their agility differences. Cats are known to have high agility than dogs.

Cats’ agility gives them more advantages than chihuahuas. They’re more intelligent and problem-solvers than chihuahuas. So, it’s better to keep them separate during the first week of the meeting.

Differences: Can Chihuahuas Get Along With Cats?


Although cats vs chihuahuas can be friends, you might encounter difficulties regarding their sizes, territorial tendencies, ages, and personalities.

  • Chihuahuas are known as a sweet and playful breed. They love to get attention from their pet parents and are friendly to the other dogs and little children.
  • Meanwhile, cats are known to have an unbroken bond with their favorite person. They tend to follow and play with their pet parents using love-biting.

So, a relationship between a chihuahua and a cat is possible with their playful personalities.

1. Sizes


Some say that a chihuahua has a similar size to a house cat, but this isn’t always the case. There are different cat breeds like Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Persian, Siamese, and so on. Maine Coon is one of the largest domestic cats.

Even if your chihuahua and cat get along, your cat might see your chihuahua as potential prey and hurt it accidentally. So, you should always check your chihuahua with cats to avoid such situations.

Quick tips:

  • Use a leash at the first meeting so you can control them if they get aggressive.
  • Slowly introduce them through a crate.

2. Territorial tendencies


Animals are territorial creatures. So, if you bring in a new family member, your cat can see your chihuahua as a territorial enemy. This can cause a fight between your cat and chihuahua.

Your chihuahua may also feel threatened by the new presence, causing them to be more aggressive toward the cat or pet owners.

So, we recommend that you keep them out of reach with each other at the first meeting, then slowly keep them closer in the following weeks.

  • A chihuahua and a cat should be fed separately.
  • Avoid your chihuahua eating cat food cause your cat’s anger and jealousy may arise.
  • Put the litter box of your cat away from your chihuahua, since the dog might eat it and leading to some health issues.
  • Keep their toys separate. You don’t want to see them getting into a fight over their favorite toy.

3. Ages


Ages are important if you want to introduce your pets to each other. For example, a young chihuahua may not get along with an old cat and sees it as an intruder.

A healthy relationship between chihuahuas and cats is when they grow up together.


  • We advise that you consider their age before putting them in the same household. It’s better to adopt them when they are still babies.

4. Personality


All pets seek attention from their owners, that’s why jealousy is a common characteristic found in them. Your chihuahua might feel jealous if you didn’t manage to give an equal amount of attention between your chihuahua and cat.

Jealousy can cause fights between chihuahuas and cats. So, you should prepare steps on how to introduce them to each other while giving them the same amount of attention.

Quick tip:

  • Help strengthen their bonds by playing with them with equal attention and time.


A relationship between chihuahua vs cat may seem to be an unexpected combination. But with proper methods, you can promote a healthy and loving relationship between the two.

We hope our tips and tricks helped you to decide how to get chihuahuas and cats to get along with each other. If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message.

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