Cat vs Duck: What Happens When They Meet? (w/Videos)

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cat vs duck

Clashing between two animals isn’t uncommon. Wild animals fight one another over territories, food sources, and mates. Yet, in this modern times, animal fighting has become a source of gambling and entertainment.

One of them is a cat vs duck fight, where each encounter is entertaining. Surprisingly enough, the duck appears victorious in those encounters.

Overview of Cat and Duck

1. About cats


Domesticated cats are one of the common animals to have as pets. Cats, when they grow into adulthood, stand 10 inches tall and 10 pounds in body weight. Equipped with razor-sharp claws, this small beast can cut unto upholstery and types of furniture.

Domesticated cats still got their hunting skills from their ancestors. To hunt for prey, cats stalk them before pouncing on them. However, cats aren’t exempted from quarrels of their kind. It can be a playful one or downright too aggressive.

When cats fight, they display certain body language to signal their feelings. These include tails tuck between legs, growls, and hissing their opponent with fur sticking up.

2. Know your opponent: The ducks


Ducks, on the other hand, have a height of 20 – 23 inches and weighs 1 – 3.5 kg.

Ducks, especially the male ones referred as “drakes”, can be aggressive. Armed with broad bills with notches at the edge, they display aggressive behaviors through pecking and biting. They chase people or animals with honking sounds while flapping their wings.

These attacks aren’t painful but they can still cause other accidents while people are trying to flee away from them.

Ducks can fight by pecking with bills and slapping with their wings.

What Happens When a Cat Meets a Duck?


The encounter between a cat and a duck can end up with two scenarios: the cat smacks duck, or duck bites cat. Both can be hilarious to watch.

Both the duck and cat are curious animals. Cats like to roam around to check out the place they’re in. While ducks, on the other hand, move around using their bill to investigate the place and forage for food.

When these two curious animals meet, they will think differently of each other. Cats might come at the duck, thinking of playing around or eating it. But domesticated cats are more civil than feral ones.

Ducks will think of cats as someone getting in their way of food or territory, like how this duck attacks the cat for lying on its lawn.

The Fight Scene


On the cat’s part, the initial interaction will involve observing the duck. The cat will try to analyze if it must attack the duck or not. However, when the duck pecks the cat, it will make a hissing sound.

This signals the cat is feeling threatened by their opponent. It will jump and smack the duck using its claws.

The cat will go back to the hissing sound, hoping the duck will understand what it wants to say. But if the duck is still coming for the cat, another smacking attack will rain upon the duck.

On the duck’s part, when it feels that the cat is invading their space, the duck will peck at the cat and tries to bite it. Ducks will use their bill to attack the cat. While attacking, the duck will honk to shoo the cat further away.

Ducks will do the sideways head bobbing and angry quacking as a way of showing that it’s angry and want you to leave them alone.

Ducks will do the sideways head bobbing and angry quacking as a way of showing that it’s angry and want you to leave them alone.

And here are some short videos of cats react to ducks:

Duck and Cat: Who Would Win


In a duck vs cat fight, the duck is the winner. The reason is because of its persistent attacks. A duck will not disengage until the cat moves away from it.

Ducks defend the places they feel are their territory. They are protective of their ducklings as well. Thus, provoking them is a bad idea.

Can Cats and Ducks Be Friends?


The answer is yes; they can be friends. Having both of them as pets will come with responsibilities. As a pet owner, you must properly introduce them to each other so they can live together.

It’s best to get a duck and kitten at the same time so they will grow together. Thus, a bond will form between them and won’t aggressively attack the other.


When a cat vs duck face-off will happen, place your bet on the duck. Ducks can be sweet and cute to look at, but they have the right force to shoo away the cat, especially when they are large.

With its persistent pecking or biting, angry squawking, and wings flapping, the cat will feel threatened by the duck. Both of them are curious and territorial, but the duck will always prevail in making the cat move away.

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