Bobcat vs Pitbull: Comparing Strength, Agility & Adaptability

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bobcat vs pitbull

When it comes to nature battles, clashes between different animals are inevitable. One rare yet possible encounter is the confrontation between a bobcat vs pitbull.

Both animals are formidable creatures that showcase unique skills and instincts. For this reason, it can be difficult to foresee the outcome when a fight between a bobcat and a pitbull breaks out.

So, in case you are wondering who would win between a bobcat vs dog, such as a pitbull, this article will discuss the skills, strengths, and weaknesses of both.

Comparing Bobcats and Pitbulls


Bobcat Pitbull
Speed Can run up to 25 to 35 mph; can leap up to 12 feet when preying on an animal Can run approximately 25 to 30 mph
Size 2.3 to 3 feet tall; usually weigh 15 to 35 pounds Less than 3 feet tall; 30 to 60 pounds depending on the sex
Level Of Aggression A solitary animal, but will show aggression to protect itself. Friendly unless trained for bull baiting. Will show aggression to protect its human companion
Strength Has a bite force of approximately 800 PSI. Has a bite force of 235 PSI.

Looking at the table, it is evident that bobcats and pitbulls share some similarities. But while pitbulls have heavier bodies than bobcats, the latter has more powerful jaws.

What is a Bobcat?


A bobcat is a medium-sized feline that belongs to the Lynx genus. It is characterized by its tufted ears, short tail, and a ruff of fur surrounding its face.

You can find these elusive and solitary wild cats throughout North America. They live in forests, deserts, and swamps, making them skilled hunters.

Bobcats are fierce predators that use their sharp vision and hearing to their advantage. They also have sharp teeth and claws that they use to prey on rodents, birds, rabbits, and other medium-sized animals.

What is a Pitbull?


The pitbull is a medium-sized canine breed. It boasts a muscular build, agility, and high strength.

Pitbulls are popular for their short coat, broad heads, and strong, huge bodies.

The term pitbull encompasses various breeds, including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and other similar-looking mixed breed dogs.

These dogs are popular for their loyalty and affectionate nature. Their muscular build and size let them exhibit great strength.

These dogs are so strong that people used them for a pittbull fight.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Bobcats


Bobcats are prey to animals bigger than them. So, it is their instinct to defend themselves using a unique set of strengths:

  • Agility. Bobcats have excellent reflexes that allow them to run and change directions quickly. They use this skill to strike their opponents effectively.
  • Ability To Move Silently. These wild felines can move silently, preventing their opponents from seeing them before they attack.
  • Powerful Bite. Bobcats have a bite force of 800 PSI. If a bobcat attacks a dog, the latter will have a hard time freeing itself from the wild feline’s jaw.
  • Speed. One of the greatest advantages of bobcats in a fight is their speed. They can run for about 25 to 35 mph and leap up to 12 feet, making them great at avoiding attacks.
  • Size. Despite their strength, a bobcat’s size can be its disadvantage, especially if fighting opponents like a pitbull. If you look at a bobcat compared to a dog, the latter might be a lot heavier, which can give the bobcat some trouble.
  • Endurance. While bobcats can run fast and jump high, they are built for intense activities and not for prolonged fights. So, they may get tired more quickly than their opponent.
  • Limited Fighting Experience. Bobcats are solitary animals that avoid confrontations with other wildlife whenever possible. This fact can impact their ability to handle combat effectively.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Pitbulls



  • Muscular Build. Pitbulls are muscular. Their physical build provides them with the strength that they use during fights.
  • Jaw Strength. These dogs have a bite force of 235 PSI. This force, paired with large, sharp teeth helps them quickly take down their opponents.
  • Endurance. A pitbull’s build comes with good stamina. So, they can withstand physical fights for extended periods.
  • Tenacity. When pitbulls get into a fight, they are determined to win. This strength allows them to keep on fighting until they win.


  • Susceptible To Injuries. Pitbulls are vulnerable to injuries, particularly on their legs and knees, regardless of their muscular build.
  • Gentleness. Despite their physical appearance, pitbulls are gentle. This quality can be a disadvantage when fighting with smaller animals like bobcats.
  • Pitbulls Do Not Have Sharp Claws. Some animals would use their claws to wound their opponents. However, pitbulls’ claws are not sharp, so they cannot use them to their advantage.

Which Would Win in a Fight Between a Bobcat and Pitbull?


Considering all the facts mentioned above, a bobcat has a better chance of winning against a pitbull. If you’ve seen bobcats fighting in dog fight videos, you may notice how good they are at using their strengths to their advantage.

These felines use their claws and teeth to injure their opponents until they can no longer retaliate. As pitbulls are domesticated canines, they do not have the same fierceness that bobcats have when fighting.

However, if a large breed of pitbull gets into a fight with this wild feline, it may have a chance of winning. However, it is unlikely that a pitbull kills a bobcat, as the latter is extremely good at escaping.

Can a Bobcat Kill a Pitbull?

It is possible for a bobcat to kill a pitbull, especially if the latter’s breed is among the smaller ones. However, a bobcat attacking a pitbull is highly unlikely, unless the latter provokes it.

As mentioned, pitbulls are gentle. It is even possible that a cat beats up a pitbull.

While the dog can easily injure a cat, its gentleness may prevent it from doing so. This is especially true if your feline and pitbull have been living together for a long time.

Other Dogs That Can Kill a Bobcat


  • Bobcat vs Rottweiler. A Rottweiler is three to four times larger than a bobcat as it weighs 110 to 132 pounds. So, if a Rottweiler is determined enough, it can take down a bobcat with ease.
  • Bobcat vs German Shepherd. If a German Shepherd is trained to fight, it can easily win against a bobcat. However, a domesticated German Shepherd may have a hard time taking down this wild feline.
  • Bobcat vs Kangal. A Kangal Shepherd dog has a bite force of 743 PSI. Considering its size, it can take down a bobcat during a fight.


Bobcat vs pitbull – if you consider the sizes of these animals, you may wonder which would win in a fight. To end your pondering, the bobcat would win against a pitbull.

But if a pitbull is extremely large, the wild feline may not win against it. It is also worth noting that a pitbull will not go out unscathed.

The bobcat will put up a fight and try to injure its opponent using its physical strength.

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