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why does my cat sleep next to me

On several occasions, you may have experienced cats sleeping with you. So why does my cat sleep next to me? While felines usually exhibit strange behavior, this humanlike action means they are seeking a variety of things. From warmth and security to familiarity and companionship, here are the reasons each one means.

Seeking Comfort


You may have wondered why your cats like to sleep with you. One night, you are preparing to sleep but all of a sudden, your pet jumps on the bed and snuggles with you.

You may ask, “why does my cat like to lie down at my feet?” “Why does it keep cozying up to me?” Below are the detailed reasons they do this.

1. Warmth

Cats generally like to cuddle with you to receive warmth. Nights can get cold, and as there are no other sources of heat for them, they get close to you. Your body’s temperature helps them keep warm.

This is why you should be careful not to jostle around too much in your sleep. You may end up accidentally hitting or kicking your pet. Make sure you have ample space in your bed, or give your feline a separate blanket for additional warmth.

2. Security

Cats like sleeping with humans, especially their owners. This is because people can protect their pets from general harm. Felines may generally be independent, but they still need a sense of security.

As cats can also be a prey, sleeping puts them in a vulnerable position. However, being with you assures them that they won’t be attacked. You are there to defend them in case something happens.

Cats also need to feel safe even when they are at home. After all, they are in a place where they should be comfortable.

So, allow them to nuzzle up to you, especially at night when it is dark and quiet. Otherwise, you may experience your pet’s constant meowing until you let it sleep next to or near you.

3. Familiarity

Similar to seeking protection, cats lay on you as you are familiar with them. As they have a keen sense of smell, they are accustomed to your scent. They don’t need to be cautious of their surroundings.

My cat sleeps in my arms like a baby, too. This usually happens when I am on the couch, watching TV, and my cat jumps in to snooze on my lap.

If this happens to you, too, it only means they like being with you. Your presence calms them down, especially when they get anxious about a sudden noise or the appearance of guests in your home.

4. Companionship

“Why does my cat sleep pressed up against me?” “Why does my cat want to sleep with me?” You may have asked these questions at least once.

For newbie cat owners, this may seem frustrating, especially after purchasing a brand new cozy bed for your pet. Rather than staying on their own, they choose to be with you on your bed.

Your feline friend does this to seek your company. Cats treat you as a friend, and they want to bond with you. They are seeking affection and are also telling you they like you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to sleep with cats?

While it is enjoyable to cuddle with your pet, there are disadvantages when they sleep beside you. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • If you move around a lot while sleeping, you may hit your cat by accident. Worse, you may unconsciously move and lay your body on top of them. This is why you must learn to be careful or be aware.

You may ask, “why does my cat like to lie next to my head?” This position is essentially the best as it prevents you from unintentionally striking them with your arms or kicking them with your legs.

  • If you are a light sleeper, your cat may disturb you. Felines are nocturnal so they tend to do most of their activities at night. You may feel them moving around so much.

You can see this especially when you set up a CCTV or a night camera in your room. When you watch the footage, you will catch your cat jumping down from the bed, walking, playing, and generally roaming around.

  • If your cat goes outdoors, then it may leave dirt, mud, and other soil prints on your bed or your couch. To avoid this, make sure you wipe their paws before entering the house or the room.


Generally, it is safe to sleep with cats as long as you exert extra effort, like cleaning their paws and establishing boundaries when you are a light sleeper.

“Why does my cat sleep next to me?” has straightforward answers that it has become natural to let your pet do this without much thought. Providing them with warmth, affection, and security essentially strengthens your relationship with them.

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