Why Does My Cat Pee on My Clothes? – 4 Main Reasons

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why does my cat pee on my clothes

Despite knowing how to groom and even cover their own poop, you noticed the pungent smell that reeks off from one of your clothes because of your little kitty. Frustrating, it may seem, but you wondered, “Why does my cat pee on my clothes?”

Your cat peeing on your clothes could either be a territorial mark or a sign of having issues with their litter box. It could also be an implication of urinary system problems. Or it could also mean that they just want your attention.

What Causes My Cat to Pee on My Clothes?

Just like how your regular kitty sleeps in diversely funny but cute positions, there are also various specific causes why your cat is peeing on your clothes suddenly.

According to cat behaviorists, if a cat pees in a laundry basket, or in clothes and towels, the cause might be either a behavioral issue, a medical issue, or could be both.

Let’s further discuss the details of the primary underlying causes mentioned in this cat mystery.

Behavioral Causes

1. “This Is My Territory ”


Similar to their furry counterpart, the dogs, when a cat urinates, it leaves a scent mark that notifies other cats that the area has been claimed by a specific cat or a way of saying, “This is my territory!”

Cats naturally mark their territory to establish dominance and may mark areas that make them feel threatened or uneasy. Suppose you brought a new feline inside your home. In that case, this marking behavior might mainly be evident since your cat is still adjusting to the new environment.

Additionally, your cat’s urine often contains pheromones, which serve as chemical signals to other cats.

This behavior is crucial for male cats who have not undergone neutering because they will mark their territory more frequently and intensely to draw female cats and scare off rival males.

For female cats peeing on clothing, the same behavior also implies that they might be in the mood for mating.

2. “Look At Me! ”


Aside from your cat’s lowkey aspiration for world dominion (just kidding), cats occasionally urinate on clothing to attract their owners’ attention. Cats are social creatures, and they value human interaction and affection.

So if you see your cat peeing on some of your clothes and blankets, this is their way to attract attention if it feels ignored or bored. So go on! Give that little furball the belly rubs it deserves!

However, remember that only some cat wants to seek your attention. Cats may also urinate on clothing to express their displeasure with their routine or living situation.

For instance, if their food or water bowls are empty or their litter box is filthy, it could be your cat’s way of saying, “Food!!!” or “It’s time for the cleaning maintenance, hooman!”

Medical Causes

 “Hooman… I Don’t Feel So Good ”


If you notice that your cat keeps peeing on your clothes, and has been doing it unusually and frequently, this may signify that your cat is not feeling good and may have an underlying medical problem.

A medical condition can cause a cat to pee on clothes or other inappropriate surfaces. Some conditions include

  • Urinary tract infections (FLUTD or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
  • Bladder stones
  • Chronic kidney diseases
  • Thyroid problems

These conditions can cause pain or discomfort to your cat. Suppose you think and feel that the cat peeing on your clothes has nothing to do with marking their territory or seeking your attention. In that case, it is essential and crucial to have the cat examined by a veterinarian immediately.


“My Litter Box”

If a cat starts to associate their litter box with unpleasant things, it may stop using it and begin peeing on clothes.

Aside from medical reasons, it may also be an issue whether it is being cleaned with a strong-smelling cleaner, if the litter box is moved to a new location, or if the type of litter is changed.

Your little Felix, the cat, may not enjoy the new litter’s scent or feel and, as a result, may stop using the box, “I want my old box back!”

Because they are creatures of habit, cats prefer a consistent environment. They may experience stress or anxiety if their litter box suddenly changes.

If you like and want to do extra great lengths for your beloved kitty/kitties, you may also provide enough litter boxes, one more than the number of cats you have. This ensures that your cat can choose which litter box it prefers.

Ways to Stop My Cat From Peeing on Clothes


Like any other problem that requires a solution, you must first have knowledge of its cause. After knowing the reason, you can learn how to control your cat from peeing on your clothes.

However, consult your pet’s veterinarian about any medical issues first. Your cat’s doctor will suggest the best course of action if your cat has a health issue.

But moving on, some tips that we could suggest to prevent your cat from urinating in inappropriate places, such as clothes, towels, and blankets, include:

  • More time spent with your cat. Aside from wanting your attention, more playtime with your cat can help them feel less anxious and stressed.
  • The litter box is clean and placed in your cat’s preferred location. (If you have more than one cat, be sure to have multiple numbers of litter boxes!)

Incorporate positive reinforcement training. Assist your cat in learning the proper urination locations by giving them a reward or praise!

Frequently Asked Questions


Should I punish a cat for peeing on clothes?

No. Reprimanding or scolding your cat will only make things worse. It will only confuse them since they can’t fully comprehend what they did was wrong. Instead, you should train them by using positive reinforcement.

What does it mean when my cat pees right in front of me?

There could be several reasons why your cat pees right in front of you, but it could possibly mean that your cat wants your attention! However, if you have doubts about this odd cat behavior, consult your cat’s veterinarian.

What are some tips on getting cat pee out of clothes?

First, separate the urinated clothes from your other clothes. And you may also use cleaning products like vinegar and baking soda (remember to be careful in using other cleaning products as they might damage your clothes).

If the smell is still present, try soaking it with enzyme cleaner for several minutes and scrubbing or rewashing it.


If you’re struggling with the problem of “cat peeing on my clothes,” there could be plenty of causes for that. It might be that your cat is marking its territory, or it could indicate that they are having litter box problems. It might also be a sign related to their health or merely a request for your attention.

Regardless of the possible reasons for your question, “why does my cat pee on my clothes?”, it’s necessary to remember that addressing this problem may take time and patience.

It’s best to work with a veterinarian and/or a professional animal behaviorist to develop an appropriate behavior modification plan.

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