Why Do Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face? – 5 Reasons

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why do cats put their butt in your face

Whether you are a cat owner or not, the feline’s behavior can be strange sometimes. You may have seen this particular one and asked, “why do cats put their butt in your face?”

Be it a sign of affection, transferring scents onto you, or a way to tell something is wrong, a cat butt in face is the animal’s approach to communicating.

5 Reasons Why Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face


The body language of a cat can be confusing–suddenly jumping to elevated places, scratching objects, and rubbing its body against you.

That is why the list of strange behaviors only increases when cats stick their bum in your face.

It may not be pleasant, but this is the feline’s way of bonding with you. Take a deep dive into the rest of the reasons below.

1. A Form of Greeting

Cats have scent glands all over their bodies, even on the rear end. These glands excrete pheromones with unique information about the cat. This includes its identity, reproductive status, health, and whereabouts.

When they come across other cats, they sniff them to obtain information. A similar thing happens when they place their bum in your face–it is to say, “hello.”

The feline is greeting you as if you are one of its kind, and you need to sniff their bum as well. The action suggests that you are welcome to get to know them better.

2. An act of affection


When cats rub their bodies or tails against you, one of the main reasons is they like you. Similar to when they transfer pheromones to others, cats turn their back on you and transfer scent to make you part of their inner circle.

Generally, they acknowledge you, so they are “marking” you. They want you to smell like them and be part of their territory.

3. A sign of Trust


Have you ever wondered, “why does my cat stick his butt in my face?” This can happen at the most random times, like when you are lying down. The short answer is they are telling you they mean no harm.

As cats are territorial and can be aggressive, they need to watch their backs for possible enemies. But when cats put their tail in your face, a defenseless area, they trust you enough to be vulnerable.

This means they don’t need to be always on the lookout. They can easily turn their backs and be comfortable as you won’t hurt them.

4. A Habit Picked Up

In their kitten stages, the cats’ mothers clean them a lot. Aside from hygienic purposes, this action serves as a bonding time among them. The mothers show love, care, and affection to their offspring.

When cats clean butt in your face, they are demonstrating what they picked up from their mother cats. They are willing to be vulnerable and to show you fondness.

5. Telling You Something


When something is wrong with our feline friend, it will communicate in a variety of actions. You must pay attention to such behavior from constant meowing to rubbing itself onto you.

You may have wondered, “why does my cat show me her butt?” Check your pet’s rear end. In some cases, there are signs of allergy there. It can be inflammation, a red or pink area, or even a balding spot.

When these are present, it may mean allergic reactions to fleas or some other skin conditions. What you should do is take your cat to the veterinarian. Refrain from medicating using natural and home remedies as it may be a serious issue.

Allow the expertise of the veterinarian to address the allergy. They will prescribe medicines and treatment to heal the area on the rear end.

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What Should You Do?

“Why does my cat put her bum on me?” This question among new feline owners has become normal and is usually accompanied by disgust. After all, the rear end is something gross, especially for animals that don’t wash the same way humans do.

But encountering such behavior should not be a cause of alarm. The least you can do is to accept it and even acknowledge it by petting your cat.

As cats do this out of pure affection, they also seek it out. You should reciprocate this and scratch them gently. Their rear end is also a good place to pet or caresses your cat.

However, if you are the type to be still disgusted, you can always reposition your cat. Never be aggressive in holding or pushing it away. This may make it feel rejected and turn away from you.


“Why do cats put their butt in your face?” is most likely a question you asked. This is why understanding the body language of cats is essential. This helps to know what you can do to care for them or help in necessary cases.

Sticking their bums to people’s faces are signs of affection, a habit from their mother, or a sign there is something wrong. Whatever the reason is, pay attention to their way of communicating so you can strengthen your relationship with them.

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