Why Do Cats Drool While Purring? 4 Reasons You Need to Know!

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why do cats drool while purring

Owning a cat at home is the best decision for a cat lover. It is so entertaining to watch them wander around and do things that we cannot understand. Moreover, they are adorable creatures that help us relax after hours of working intensively.

However, there are also plenty of problems that we need to be aware of to keep our beloved friends safe and sound. While some symptoms are extremely easy to detect, some can be super confusing and require close observations.

One of the confusing signs that has multiple meanings is cat drooling while purring. When your cats drool when they purr, they are either having a good time or having an illness.

Why do cats drool while purring? Some possible causes of this phenomenon are they are cheerful and relaxed, they have some kinds of disease, they have eaten something not delicious, or they are anxious and afraid.

Here is a helpful piece of information: Unlike a dog’s drooling, a cat’s saliva often forms as a single droplet and drips under your cat’s mouth. Now, let’s jump right into the first part of the article!

Reasons Why Cats Drool When They Purr


In this section, I’ll talk about the possible reasons why your cat has this funny reaction.

1. They Are On Cloud Nine

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, your cat can be extremely happy and content about something that they can’t control their drooling. You can regard this as a blessing that your cats are enjoying their time around you.

If you don’t like your cats drooling, just place a clean towel or rag under them so that it won’t drip all over the place. It is advisory that you do not try to change your cat’s behavior or feel upset about this.

2. Your Cat Is Under The Weather

Another probable cause for your cat’s drooling is that he/she feels sick. Most of the time, there might be some dental issues happening that are difficult to identify, not until it causes great pain to your cat. For instance, stomatitis is a disease that results from inflammation in your cat’s lips and mouth.

By taking your cat to the veterinarian, they might be able to detect some oral issues with your cat and recommend a professional animal dentist for better treatment. Note that teeth cleaning and extraction may require your cat to undergo anesthesia.

3. Your Cat Has Eaten Something Bad

This reason sounds a bit weird but having something not so delicious can cause your cat to drool and purr at the same time. Drooling in this case is just a way for your cat to get rid of the remaining aftertaste of the unpleasant food they just consumed.

In addition, having something bad means that they might have been exposed to toxins, such as toxic plants and food, chemicals, etc. If you suspect your cat has eaten one of these, take him/her to the nearest veterinarian immediately.

Another thing is that when you notice there is something stuck in your cat’s mouth, carefully examine it before making attempts to take it out. Do NOT try too hard to remove the foreign body like grass.

Otherwise, you might risk your beloved pet’s health since the objects can be wrapped around their intestines or stomach. Just bring your pet to the veterinarian and let the professionals deal with this situation.

4. Your Cat Is Afraid Or Anxious

The last reason I want to mention in today’s article is that your cat is frightened by something you do not notice. In fact, great fear can easily lead to uncontrolled drooling and purring in your cat.

If you think this is the main cause, try to find the source of fright that makes your cat feel uncomfortable and remove that source. When your cat starts to feel safe again, he/she will stop drooling and purring. Moreover, check out this video to learn how to stop your cat from drooling all over the place.

Normal Cat’s Drooling


If your cat drools when purring or kneading, it is absolutely normal. What I mean by kneading is when your cat keeps pushing their front paws against his/her mother’s breast rhythmically to get milk. This is called kneading because it looks the same as how bread dough is made.

Even when your cat has grown up, this becomes their habit of kneading whenever they feel cheerful. Consequently, this stimulates their droolings since they associate this action with getting their favorite food.

However, your cat may also drool in stressful situations. If you realize your cat is stressed a lot, it is best that you consult your vet for the best treatment for your cat’s mental health.

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Concerning Cat’s Drooling

A cat’s drooling does not always mean a good thing. Sometimes, there might be something going on with your cat that causes this phenomenon. If you notice your cat drooling so much, it is surely an alarming sign.

Especially when your cat usually drools in situations that do not involve food or contentment, there is a high chance that your cat is having a health problem. If so, it is highly advised that you take your feline friend to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Additionally, in order to avoid these unfortunate scenarios, make sure your cats receive the annual health checkup once or twice a year. Thus, any concerns about their health will be detected by the vet and it will prevent your cats from suffering.


I hope that this article today has answered the question of “Why do cats drool while purring?” Generally, there are several main causes as I have mentioned above, such as contentment, illnesses, anxiety, foreign body, etc.

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