10 Solid Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

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why cats are better than dogs

Both dog lovers and cat lovers will say their companion is superior, and it’s an argument that has gone on for years. However, when it comes down to it, there are solid reasons why cats are better than dogs.

They’re better because they cost less money, are easier to take care of, are cleaner, and quite suitable for the environment, and can make you healthier.

Cats Are Better Than Dogs Debate: Reasons Why Cats Are Preferable

The running argument of cats vs dogs as pets has resulted in many essay. Which is better between the two?

If the real-life experiences of cat owners on Reddit aren’t enough to convince you, a lot of research has strived to determine which animals make better pets, giving us many solid reasons to back up how cats are the superior choice.

1. Cats do not take up a lot of space


House cats don’t take up a lot of space, which works well if you have a lot of clutter or share your living space with other people. Unlike dogs, which lay around in open spaces you’re most likely to trip over, cats can occupy crannies you won’t set foot onto.

You will often find your cat sleeping on your fridge, window sill, or even at the edge of your sofa, taking up less space.

2. Cats live longer


Having a lifetime companion is a desire many of us have, and humans often have longer lifespans compared to the common pets they take. If we compare the lifespans of cats and dogs, a domesticated cat can live far longer.

Depending on their size, dogs can live for around eight to eleven years. However, on average, well-cared cats can live for as long as fifteen years.

3. Cats are easy on the budget


As mentioned previously, cats don’t need as much stuff as dogs, which makes them easier on the budget. The most they would need are water bowls and maybe toys to entertain themselves like scratching posts.

However, dogs tend to go overboard when it comes to their things, and these items often receive damage. Damages require replacements, and replacements lead to more money spent. Not to mention they’d give you higher food bills.

Setting aside the prices of cat breeds, the adoption fees for puppies are higher than for kittens ($129 to $767 for puppies and $39 to $317 for felines).

4. Cats can be left alone


Felines have a level of independence that a busy cat lover would love. An indoor cat usually wouldn’t mind being left alone by their owners. You can leave the whole day and not get worried if they’ll become stressed from your absence. Of course, this applies to the average cat, as some develop an unusually high attachment to their owners.

Unlike dogs that usually need regular walks for an hour a day, felines can get sufficient exercise just by playing with toys at home. This attribute makes cats low maintenance.

If the cat is allowed to wander outside their home, they can even catch their snack or meal if they’re interested—all the more reasons to get a cat.

5. Cats keep small critters away


Have you been having trouble with small critters like bugs or mice? Dogs can be hunters too, but felines are the way to go when it comes to precise and fast hunting.

When cats hunt, they pause with rapt attention and then pounce at their target efficiently with no fuss.

It’s in a cat’s instincts to hunt, and since a dog sprints at 25 mph compared to a cat’s 70mph, this makes cats faster than dogs when it comes to hunting. With a cat in your home, there would be no more need to fear crawling critters invading your personal space.

6. Cats are easy to care for


Cats don’t need that much focus compared to canines, who require your constant attention to play fetch or start dog walking. Their aloofness makes most house cats easier to take care of and gives you your personal space.

Most cats often take naps, with full-grown cats sleeping around 12 to 18 hours a day, and small kittens even longer. They will occasionally look for humans when they need interaction, but they’re happy to observe or mind their own business.

Cat people would be glad to know kittens are significantly easier to care for compared to puppies and are easily accustomed to potty training. This is a great advantage, whether you’re going to training classes to learn about felines or not.

7. Cats have smaller carbon footprints


Believe it or not, cats are better for the environment than dogs and other animals, and many scholarly articles prove it.

It is estimated that dogs produce around twice as much CO2 as cats (770 vs 310 kg annually). And if you read the 2009 book by Robert and Brenda Vale, you’ll find quotes comparing a medium-sized dog vs cat that comes to a similar conclusion.

This is because of all the products and work it takes to produce dogs’ food and equipment. However, a cat requires much less, not only because of their average size but because of their lifestyle.

8. Cats are good for your health


Not only are cats so cute; they also have health benefits, and you don’t need to exercise for this to be true. It has been scientifically proven that cats can enhance your body’s health and reduce stress in various ways.

Some scientific reason your pet or kittens can make you healthier is how the cat’s purr can stimulate your bone’s healing.

Having a cat can also lessen your chance of experiencing heart attack, since felines can decrease your stress and anxiety with their presence.

9. Cats are hygienic creatures

When it comes to hygiene, cats are undoubtedly better than most animals. While dogs like to run and roll around when they’re playing, welcoming the dirt and grime of playtime, cats would try as much as possible not to get themselves filthy since they’re clean creatures.

Even when they’re going to the loo, they prefer to hide their business like they do in the litter tray. Meanwhile, dog poop would be found in plain sight.

Cats can clean themselves, making your job easier. Of course, you still need to give your cat some brushing, especially if they’re long-haired, and clip their nails, but the efforts won’t be as strenuous.

You’ll rarely need to bathe them unless they’re drenched in filth. These reasons make cats cleaner than dogs.

10. Cats are not as loud

One of the winning arguments for the cats vs dogs facts that even dog people have to admit is that felines are significantly quiet.

Dogs bark at minor things, while cats often produce just a meow or a purr. They’ll use their loudest voice when they want something from you, but they’re quiet most of the time.

So, cat people who live in an apartment building, have close neighbors, or want to party with their pet being silent, getting a cat is a sensible choice.



The reason why cats better than dogs scientifically?

Scientifically speaking, cats have always been superior. Cats’ pointed nails can be retracted, keeping them in tip-top condition for hunting, while a dog’s claw will slowly become blunt. Cats can also create a hundred sounds, while dogs can only do 10.

Is it healthier to own a dog or a cat?

Both dogs and cats can bring health to their owner, but cats take it a step further.

Not only can they make you happier, but they can detect when their owner is feeling sad or unwell. People with cats sleep significantly better. Children have a low chance of developing allergies if exposed to cats in their early life stages.

Are cats smarter than dogs?

Research has found that canines have almost twice as many neurons as cats, so that may be an argument in favor of dog owners in the cats dog debate.

That said, it’s illogical to compare felines to dogs and see which one has higher intelligence, as they are smart in different ways. Doing so would be like comparing “a hammer to a screwdriver,” as one scientist said.


So, are cats better than dogs? Both have their specialties and benefits. If you want a pet with more energy, get a dog. If you want a more manageable and calmer companion, get a cat. Think of what kind of pet you want, and you’ll have your answer.

In terms of convenience, there are a whole bunch of reasons why cats are better than dogs. But, in the cats are better than dogs debate, what matters is the owner’s personal preference.

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