Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long? Here’s Reason

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why are my cats whiskers so long

Your cat is the most adorable creature on earth. Her charming beauty is the reason you spend hours and hours just watching her sleep nicely or play around with her toys.

Like many other cat owners on earth, we guess you’ll question “why are my cats whiskers so long” when you look at her face.

In fact, cat’s long whiskers are far more an aesthetic part of their body. They serve critical purposes that any feline needs to lead a safe and healthy life.

Keep reading and you’ll find a lot more useful and interesting information about this one-of-a-kind cats’ sensory tool.

Why Can Cats’ Whiskers Be So Long?


Cats’ long whiskers are the result of their natural development. Usually, this part has the same size as a cat’s body width, which plays a vital role in their ability and well-being.

If you’ve realized that your cat’s whiskers grow a bit longer every day, it’s fine. They’ll stop growing the moment he fully matures and reaches his maximum size.

Depending on feline species, the length of whiskers might vary. For instance, the Ragdoll is one of the cat breeds with long whiskers that match their body size, compared to the tiny Cornish Rex which weighs just 6 to 9 pounds.

Unlike hair, cats’ whiskers are linked to the nervous and muscular systems. Their growth is not just something that supplements cats’ charm and majesty, they serve as sensory equipment that aids the feline a lot in their daily activities.

Thus, don’t judge it if your cat has long whiskers that expand far from his face. Instead, be alert if they remain short during his maturity. See below for some of their main benefits if you’re still confused about your cats with long whiskers.

1. Check the size of the space before entering


Since whiskers have a strong relation with cats’ body size, they‘re good at telling whether the cats can pass through a specific narrow space.

The answer is “Yes, it’s safe to cross this area” when their whiskers are not forced up against their face. In the other case, cats might choose to stop so as not to get stuck.

But the fun fact is that sometimes, you might see your little feline inside a small cardboard box or a tube. Doubting his whiskers’ function? Well, it’s just his weird yet favorite type of entertainment.

2. Aid their sight


Cats are well-known for their phenomenal hunting skills (both daylight and nighttime). However, their sight is limited when things come too close.

Luckily, long whiskers on cats mean that they can detect any nearby movement and object, whether it’s a rat, a food bowl, or their favorite toys.

3. Avoid predators and other dangers


This sensitive tool of cats functions like a radar, perfect for identifying any abnormal signs of the air current around them.

As highly intuitive as they are, the long whiskers on cats protect them from any potential hazard in the environment (especially some tiny objects that might harm their eyes).

4. Achieve a better position when landing


Besides being a radar, whiskers are an ideal built-in navigator for those animals landing on their four paws.

It gives them perfect notice about the distance, which then helps them keep balanced and prevent any unexpected falling or injuries.

5. Showcase their emotions


The changes in the whiskers’ position will give you some hints about how your cat’s feeling.

For instance, if he’s content, his whiskers tend to be in their default position (slightly bent forward); when he’s upset or fearful, they might push downward to their face.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it OK to trim a cat’s whiskers?

Your cats have long eyebrows and you accidentally clip them at times. Panic not since they won’t feel pain at all when their whiskers are trimmed (but they do when this sensitive organ is pulled out from the follicles).

However, never allow yourself to do that on purpose. For those critical functions that the long whiskers perform, having them cut shorter will result in some inconvenience in your cat’s life.

What happens if I cut my cat’s whiskers?

Naturally, cats’ whiskers will grow back after 2 to 3 months. But during that time, they can not function as a sensory organ as usual.

As a result, their ability to balance will decrease. Plus, they will receive misleading information about the world around them, which might confuse them and get them into danger (from aggressive animals or hazardous foreign objects).

What breed of cat has very long whiskers?

The larger the cat breed is, the longer whiskers they own. In the feline world, Maine Coon are on the top for their longest whiskers on a cat (about 6 inches).

Other species like Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest, or Persian are also known as cats with big whiskers.

Do cats’ whiskers get longer as they get fatter?

The scientific fact is that the length of cat whiskers is proportional to their body size, except for those with obesity. It means that if your cat’s getting fatter, this sensory receptor remains the same size as when they fully develop.

Are cats’ whiskers falling out?

You’ve found some “strange hair” on your couch and bed and start wondering if they’re your cat’s whiskers? They probably are since whiskers falling out is a common sign of their natural growth cycle.

The new ones will replace those empty spots soon so worry not and let nature take its course.

What makes my cat’s whiskers curl all of a sudden?

There are several reasons that might cause your kitten’s whiskers to curl. While some are affected by their gene and breed, others reveal this status when cats get older.

External factors and your cat’s behaviors are also potential causes. Like your cat always fits them into a plastic tube or loves rubbing his face against the wall. Sometimes, accidental exposure to hot objects (like charcoal, candle, or stove) will slightly make their whiskers bend.

Are long whiskers considered a sign of a healthy cat?

In fact, the development of whiskers is associated with cats’ diet. Meals with essential nutrients (especially protein) will ensure that their whiskers grow well.

However, it’s noticeable that a healthy diet is not only beneficial to this cats’ sense tool but it also affects their overall well-being.


Every part of your cat is fabulous. They also perform wonderful roles that you might not know.

This article not only helps you answer what you’ve wondered for days – “why are my cats whiskers so long?” but it also gives you more useful information about this sense part of your four-paw pal.

We always wish our child to have flawless development and getting to know everything about their body is the key to that substantial well-being.

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