When Is Kitten Season? – Best Time of Year to Adopt a Kitten

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when is kitten season

Is there a kitten season?

Of course, there is!

Well then, when is kitten season?

Kitten Season is when cats (both outdoors and indoors) breed and give birth to small kittens. During kitten time, many cats are pregnant, and kittens are born, and as a result, all of them will need new homes. This period often lasts from March – the start of summertime to October – the end of autumn.

Either you plan to bring a new furry home or not, it is fun to learn more about the season. So, read on!

Everything You Need to Know About Kitten Season


Kitten season, also known as feline breeding season, occurs throughout the summer months (typically March or April through October, but varies across the country).

Outdoor-living stray and feral cats, as well as pet cats who venture outside, will collide. During the roughly seven-day period in heat, female cats can have many interactions with male cats.

In the same litter, female cats can bear kittens from various dads. This is why kittens from the same litter can have such a wide range of appearances.

Outdoor female cats who do not have a season that lasts only a few months can occasionally have many litters in one season because the season lasts more than half the year.

Cats are pregnant for around two months (on average 64 days) and have four to six kittens at a time.

Thousands of kittens are born during kitten season months. As a result, housing, feeding, and caring for kittens takes a lot of time, money, and resources for shelters that take in newborns in this season. So, this is the best time of year to adopt a kitten.

How Can You Help During Kitten Season?


1. Do not touch the mother cat’s nest

Outdoor mother cat always builds a nest for her young brood. So, you will probably notice right away when an outdoor cat gives birth to kittens. As protective as the mother is, she has to leave the nest sometimes to find food and water.

In that case, do not touch the nest. Especially, please do not rush to gather the kittens and transport them to the nearest shelter. Instead, examine them thoroughly to check if they appear to be clean and warm. Leave them in the care of their mother if they appear to be in good health.

No matter what food we plan to give the kittens, it is incomparable to the mother cat’s milk. Small cats need antibodies in the milk to develop their infant immune systems. Besides frequent eating.

Only if the kittens appear to be in bad condition and you’re reasonably confident the mother is no longer there should you seek assistance from your local shelter.

2. Take care and Foster

A foster home, along with the shelter, is one of the safest places for a kitten to reside. During kitten season, shelters will need space, and additional foster families can assist.

Members of the public who provide care allow shelter employees to focus on the animals who require more immediate assistance.

It’s also a great alternative for someone who isn’t quite ready for a full-time pet yet, or who has a few months free of other obligations and so has the time to feed and care for the kittens.

3. Donate money to the cat shelters

Another good way to help is donating money since taking care of cats, or other animals requires funds for food, water, health care, and more.

4. Adopt a kitten

If possible, you can adopt one kitten or encourage your family members, friends, colleagues to do so. A kitten thrives in a loving home, where she has full care and nurture. Make sure you are equipped with enough information to take care of a new and fragile baby cat.

When Is the Best Time to Get a Kitten?

Kittens at around eight weeks are ready to find a new home, away from their mother.

Kittens begin consuming solid foods around four to five weeks, but they are still reliant on their mothers for food and warmth until they are approximately eight weeks old.

Their mother will continue to assist them in the toilet by stimulating their movements with licking and instructing them how to do it independently.

Kittens benefit from their littermates’ experiences; growing up with siblings and sisters helps them develop social skills. They may become afraid, jittery, or even violent if they do not receive it.

When you’re thinking of the best time to get a kitten, make sure you know how old it is. Also, ask the shelter for the time it spends with its siblings.

Final thought

When is kitten season? It is vital information to know if you plan to adopt or foster a kitten.

Kittens need to take a lot of care and should be adopted in pairs if possible. Adopting two kittens assures that they will always have a playmate, making them happier and more socialized as they grow up.

Let’s meet the kittens, learn what time of year are kittens born, and begin your search for the right feline companion!

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