What is a Female Cat Called – 3 Different Names for Female Cats

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what is a female cat called

If you are an animal lover, it is not strange to have a lot of questions about the adorable creatures. Especially when you own a pet, you would love to learn many things about it.

Among all the fascinating topics, naming might be the most interesting as we learn how to call our pet in a more accurate way. For example, what is a female cat called? Is the term for female cats different from that for males? Is there a scientific name for female cats?

In general, there are three ways in which a female cat is called, including molly, queen, and dam. Surprising, right? But, why are there up to three types of names for female cats? Also, when should you call your cat moll, queen, or dam?

Well, it depends on the stage of development your cat is at. Continue reading to find out which name for a female cat and in which circumstances you should use. Moreover, consider clicking on this link for suggestions on cute nicknames for your female cat.

What Do You Call a Female Cat?

1. Molly

I believe that many of you have watched the famous cartoon movie called “Tom and Jerry”. So, Tom in this film refers to the cartoon cat and this term is widely used for male cats in real life as well.

Corresponding to tomcats, the word for female cat is molly. However, you should only refer to them as “mollies”, not “molly cats” as the word has meaning of “cat”.

The origin of the name “Molly” and how this name derived still remains to be a mystery. Yet, generally speaking, every female cat can be called “molly” in any event.

2. Queen


If you see a mother cat called “queen”, it means that she is about to give birth to some little cute kittens. This name is derived from the process of giving birth in cats which is referred to as “queening”.

Moreover, in old English, this word means a female ruler or an exceptionally important female individual. Hence, this name emphasizes the importance of the role of mother cats in taking care of their offspring.

3. Dam

Among the three names, “dam” is the term that is least likely to be known by many people. The word “dam” means a purebred female cat that is currently in the act of recording for breeding.

Thus, you will more likely hear this term in conversations of people who are extremely passionate about cats. In the daily life context, it is more common to use “molly” or “queen”.


I hope that this article answers your question of “What is a female cat called?” There are three names for a female cat, but it depends on some factors to determine which to use.

Let me know in the comment section which name is for your cat. If you like this article, share it with your family and friends as well.

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