What Do Cats Dream About During Their Sleep?

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what do cats dream about

Your cat sleeps approximately 15 to 18 hours a day, based on studies. And it is more likely that during their slumber, they are also dreaming just like a typical human being. But the question is, what do cats dream about during their sleep?

If you ever watch your cat during their deep sleep, they tend to twitch, bend their back, or hiss. This is because most of their dreams are about hunting their prey. Aside from that, they could also dream about their owners or food as well as them playing with their toys.

Do Cats Dream When They Sleep?


It is fascinating to watch cats while they sleep. They sometimes move and twitch, just like a human being undergoing a dream during REM sleep. If you have ever wondered if the same thing happens to your cat, the simple answer is yes.

Most of the time, cats dream during their sleep, and cats dreaming is a pretty common phenomenon for cats!

You may wonder then what cats dream about if they dream like humans.

  • The most common dream that your cat dreams about is chasing its prey. That is why they usually twitch or hiss while having a deep sleep.
  • However, researchers also discovered that cats dream about their day-to-day interactions. Some of these dreams are playing with their owners, eating their food, getting petted, or anything they do during the day.

This is their way of processing the things they did in the day and reliving them in their sleep.

So next time you see your cat sleeping and twitching, do not get alarmed and let them experience the adventure of the dreamland.

Do Cats Dream About Their Owners?

Just like humans, your cat also dreams about people. Cats dreaming most likely involve their owners. This is because cats socialize with their owners every single day.

So, if you ever wondered if your cat dreamt about you the same way you dreamed about them, yes, they probably did!

Some of the dreams that they might have which involve you are: cat owner feeding, petting, or playing with their cats. Knowing that your cat also dreams of you feels amazing and heartwarming, doesn’t it?

Do Kittens Have Nightmares?


Although cats are known for dreaming just like a typical human being during their rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, having nightmares during your cat’s sleep is also possible.

Cats dream mostly about their day-to-day activities. So, if your cat encounters a bad experience during the day, it is most likely to manifest in their dreamland that causes a nightmare. Kittens nightmare could just be them re-experiencing that terrible incident in their dream time.

However, a kitten’s nightmare is not as unusual and awful as a human’s nightmare. It could only mean pursuing their targets like rats, or other insects or them asking their owners for food.

It is also possible that they just have twitching muscles during REM sleep.

Regardless, it is better to let your cat dream. Don’t wake them up even if you have an idea that they have a not-so-great dream. According to experts, your cats might scratch or bite you when you wake them up while they’re dreaming.

Plus, your cat needs to get deep sleep, and you should let them be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Cats Dream in Color?

Based on experts, your cats may dream in color. But it is not as varied as the human dream. Since cats view the world with colors, it is most hypothetically that they also dream in color. However, it is safe to assume that this color is restricted and limited compared to a human’s dream.

2. Why Do Cats Twitch or Move During Sleep?

Cats twitch or move during the rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. It is the same occurrence that humans and rats experience. This is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about, according to experts.

At this instant, cats tend to murmur or move their paws or legs. This only means that your cat is having a dream, either good or an unusual one.

3. Why do Cats Dream?

Having a long-term memory skill is a cat’s asset and dreaming allows them to sort the events that happened during the day. This helps them prepare for the events they will be doing the next day.

Aside from that, this prompts them to enhance their memory by training their brain to organize their day-to-day experiences.

Thus, when you notice your cat slumbering and it seems like they are having one good sleep, let them continue their dream experience. It is beneficial for your cat’s long-term memories.


Hence, cats, during their sleep time also dream just like their owners. More likely than not, this dream, whether good or a nightmare, is something your cat needs to enhance its brain and memory capacity.

And if you marvel at the idea that cats do dream, you would be curious enough to ask “what do cats dream about?”. This could be distinct and varied depending on the cat but most likely, cats dream of their experiences during the day.

Nevertheless, what is most important is that your cat has a good and comfortable sleep whether they are dreaming or not.

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