Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon – Similarities and Differences

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siberian cat vs maine coon

When thinking of big cats, the first animals that probably come to people’s minds are wild breeds, like tigers, lions, and bobcats. But not all big cats are found in the wild.

For instance, Siberian cats and Maine coon are large felines commonly found in households. While these cats look similar, comparing the Siberian Cat vs. Maine Coon will reveal differences.

Siberian Cat Maine Coon
Origin Russia United States
Cat Size 3 feet 2 feet
Cat Weight Males: 11-17 lbs.

Females: 8-12 lbs.

Males: 15-26 lbs.

Females: 11-18 lbs.

Life Expectancy 13-14 years 12-15 years
Fur Coat Three layers: under, middle, and overcoat Two-layer coat: smooth, soft, and silky coat
Head shape Rounded head and short muzzle Square head and high cheekbones
Eyes Round and big eyes, slightly far apart More oval and a bit oblique
Tail Medium length Long tail

Comparing Maine Coon Vs Siberian Cats


The similarities between the Siberian cat and the Maine coon are evident at a single glance. However, looking closely at these two cats allows you to distinguish how they differ.

1. Siberian cats and their history


The Siberian cat is a crossbreed of wild cats from Russia and domesticated cats. These wild cats came from the Caucasus Mountains’ Urals and Central Siberian plateau regions.

On the other hand, the domestic cat they crossbred with the wild once were imported into Siberia by Russian settlers. As Siberia is known for its intense climates during the winter, Siberian cats adapted and developed weatherproof, three-layered fur.

Siberian cats carry the Neva gene of the NevaMasquerade cats, a traditional feline breed in Siberia. They also have Desert Cat chromosomes.

In 1987, the canine association Kotefei established the first official pedigree identifying Siberian cats.

2. The breed history of Maine coons


Main Coons came from the United States, particularly in Wiscasset, Maine. There is no clear information about these cats’ clear history.

But there are three speculations as to how their lineage began.

According to myths, Maine Coons are part raccoons. While Maine Coons may look similar to raccoons, different species cannot produce offspring through biological processes.

According to other speculations, Maine Coons are the descendants of the Norwegian forest cats, a species brought by the Vikings. When you compare Maine Coons vs. Norwegian forest cats, you’ll see they look very similar.

The final myth is that Marie Antoinette took her six Turkish Angora cats with her when she attempted to escape the French Revolution.

While the former queen’s escape was unsuccessful, her cats were thought to remain safe at the hands of Samuel Clough – the ship’s captain.

The cats were brought to Wiscasset, Maine, where they mated with short-haired domestic cats. This resulted in the Maine Coons that people know today.

Differences Between Main Coon Vs. Siberian Cat

1. Head and body


The first thing you will notice when you compare a Siberian cat, and a Maine Coon is the shape of their head.

Siberian cats have softly rounded faces and muzzles. Meanwhile, Maine Coons have square heads and muzzles.

The latter’s cheekbones are also higher.

Both cats are large and well-boned. Maine Coons have broad chests, while Siberian cats have bodies shaped like a barrel.

The tail of a Maine Coon is also longer than that of the latter.

2. Coat


These large cats boast semi-long fur. The only difference is that Maine Coons have a silky upper coat and a thin undercoat, while Siberian cats have triple coats.

A Siberian cat’s fur consists of a water-repellent overcoat, a middle coat, and a tight undercoat that keeps it warm.

3. Size comparison


Maine Coons are much bigger than Siberian cats. Male Main Coons can weigh about 15 to 26 lbs, while females can weigh around 11 to 18 lbs.

Another type of Maine Coons is the Russian Maine Coons – a mix between Maine Coons and Russian Blue cats. They are about as large as the standard Maine Coons, but have more prominent faces.

Meanwhile, how big do Siberian cats get? Male Siberian Cats are about as large as the female Maine Coons, weighing around 11 to 17 lbs. Meanwhile, female Siberian cats weigh about 8 to 12 lbs.

4. Character and personality


Both cats are friendly, playful, and easygoing. So, they quickly get along with their caretakers and other people.

However, Maine Coons are more laid back, so they rarely make the first move of interacting with people. Meanwhile, Siberian cats are more outgoing, even when interacting with strangers.

5. Color Pattern


Most Maine Coons and Siberian cats have many color varieties. The most common color patterns for Maine Coons are red, cream, solid white, and black.

On the other hand, you will find silver, red, white, brown, red, blue, and black Siberian cats, to name a few. These colors can be solid, ticked, classic, and spotted.

How Much Does Each Cat Cost?


One thing worth noting about these cats is that Siberian cats cost more than Maine Coons. The reason is that Siberian cats are incredibly high in demand, but only a few breeders outside Russia can supply purebred ones.

Where To Get Siberian Cats Price Range Maine Coons Price Range
Adoption $75 to $200 $100 to $250
Breeder Kitten Cost: $1,500 to $4,000

Adult: About the same price

Kitten Cost: $1,000 to $2,000

Adult: $400 – $600

How Much Does It Cost to Care for a Maine Coon and Siberian Cat?


Monthly Costs To Factor In Siberian Cats Maine Coons
Food And Treats $30 to $100 $20 to $50
Grooming (bath products, litter, fur trimming, etc.) $5 to $150 $5 to $70
Vet Care $10 to $100 $20 to- $200
Activities And Exercises (toys, cat tree, scratching post) $5 to $25 $15 to $30
Pet Insurance $10 to $50 $10 to $40

Why Are Kittens More Expensive Than Fully-grown Maine Coons and Siberian Cats?


If you look at the table above, Siberian and Maine Coon kittens are a lot more expensive than adult ones. The reason is that younger cats are far more energetic than fully-grown cats.

There are also more chances for young felines to get pregnant and reproduce.

Another reason for the high price of Siberian and Main Coon kittens is they need feline shots and frequent wellness checks and vet visits.

Fortunately, there are animal adoption centers where Siberian and Maine Coon kittens cost less. As mentioned, Siberian cats cost $75 to $200 in adoption centers, while Maine Coons cost $100 to $250.

Can You Crossbreed Siberian and Main Coon Cats?

Yes, but a Siberian-Maine Coon mix and Siberian-Maine Coon kittens are not something you will commonly see. However, it is completely possible to crossbreed them.

It is hard to tell the difference between purebred Siberian cats and Maine Coons from their crossbred counterparts. If you are not keen enough when buying either of these felines, you might be scammed into buying a half-Maine Coon-half-Siberian, thinking it is purebred.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Siberian and Maine Coon related?

Siberian cats and Maine Coonsare not related in any way, despite how similar they look. As mentioned, Siberian cats come from Russia, while Maine Coons are from the United States.

So, can Maine Coon a Siberian mix? Well, as they are of different origins, they are not a mix of one another.

Why are Siberian cats expensive?

As mentioned, Siberian cats are expensive, especially in the US, as only a few breeders sell purebred ones. On the other hand, they are so high in demand that breeders cannot keep up.

Is a Maine Coon better than a Siberian for allergies?

Both cats are okay for people with allergies. However, Siberian cats, compared to Maine Coon are considered hypoallergenic, as they only produce a small amount of the chemical responsible for cat allergies.

How to tell if my cat is Siberian?

The first thing you must look at when checking if your feline is Siberian is its fur coat. A large Siberian cat, or Siberian forest cat, as some people call it, has three layers of fur, making it very fluffy.

The outer coat should be long and silky, while the middle coat should be shorter. Lastly, Siberian cats have soft undercoats.

What is a Himalayan Maine Coon Cat?

A Himalayan Maine Coon is a mix of the Himalayan cat breed and Maine Coon. Unlike Maine Coons, which are quite large, this mix-bred is medium in size.

Himalayan cats are also a mixed breed of Siamese and Persian cats. So, the Himalayan Maine Coon cat is basically part Siamese, part Persian, and part Maine Coon.


Siberian Cat vs. Maine Coon – this comparison will reveal a lot of similarities between these cats. But despite the similarities, these felines are not related in any way.

If you plan to take care of a cat and you do not know which Siberian and Maine Coon kittens you should get, just know that there is no right or wrong answer. As long as you can take care of your new pet and provide all its needs, a Siberian cat or Maine Coon will both work for you.

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