7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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reasons why dogs are better than cats

Dogs and cats are two animals that have long become human best friends. Both of them have their own characteristics. However, many pet lovers say that having dogs is better than having cats, but why?

One of the reasons why dogs are better than cats is that dogs are one of the most loyal creatures ever. They will always devote themselves and their lives to us even without expecting anything in return, like Akita.

So, keep reading to know some more interesting facts!

How Dogs Are Better Than Cats?

What are the reasons dogs are better than cats, according to many pet owners?

Reason 1: Training dogs is easier than cats


Dogs vs cats, do you think which one is easier to train? The answer is dogs. In fact, cats can technically be trained just like dogs, but it will take more work and persistence due to their independent nature.

Even ailurophiles confirm that training a dog is much easier.

On the other hand, dogs seem to enjoy training; they love to learn new tricks and skills. They are smart enough to do just about anything.

You can easily teach your dog to use the toilet in a specific area and greet visitors… Don’t forget to give them a compliment when they did a good job; dogs love that!

According to sources, dogs sometimes misbehave when they get bored; more exercise will be helpful for them.

Reason 2: Dogs are said to be more loyal than cats


Dogs are the best when it comes to loyal and emotional support. They will provide companionship and unconditional love to someone who is especially home alone, like the elderly or the handicapped.

They will stick by their owner’s side in rain or shine. If you fall ill, they will never leave your bed until you get better. That’s why dogs are the best pets for many people.

While dogs are hyperactive, Cats are much more independent and don’t like socializing that much due to their nature. So, which one do you like?

Reason 3: Dogs are so protective of their owners


Are dogs better than cats when it comes to protection? Of course they are!

It can not be denied that dogs are excellent protectors. They will instinctively shield you from danger without hesitation.

Dogs are also much more aggressive than cats, making them an excellent obstacle when a burglar is breaking into your home.

What about cats? A cat would just lie on your sofa and look at the burglar taking everything away. Cats are not, by nature, to protect you or your home. They often run away when in trouble.

Reason 4: Dogs are more adaptable

Not only known for being loyal and supportive, but they are also adaptable.

Through the process of natural selection and development for thousands of years, they have learned to adjust to changing environments and situations. This makes them an ideal pet for those who frequently travel and move around.

In contrast, cats are usually sensitive to their environments and have difficulty adjusting to new ones. They may become anxious and fearful.

Reason 5: Dogs help owners be more active

Dogs are incredibly active animals; they love to walk and play outdoor game activities. Many dog ​​owners also become more active when keeping them.

Obesity is a worrying problem for office workers. According to a report by the University of Michigan (USA), 60% of dog owners have lost a significant amount of weight as they spend at least 30 minutes a day walking their dogs.

Cats, on the other hand, love to sleep in, and it’s hard to walk or play with them.

Reason 6: Dogs can detect cancer

One more reason why dogs are better than cats is that dogs can detect lung cancer. The excellent sense of smell in dogs can “sniff” many types of cancer in the human body.

We all don’t want anything bad to happen, but early detection offers the best hope of survival.

Reason 7: Dogs are more friendly

Many pet lovers say that dogs are friendlier than cats. They are more attentive and frequently show positive social behaviors towards us.

While cats are more avoidant towards strangers, dogs are more likely to communicate with them. Dogs also respond better to human emotions.

Many dogs also show extreme excitement when a stranger “say hi” to them by wagging their tails and jumping up.

Above are the top 7 reasons why dogs are better; now, let’s take a look at the frequently asked question.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Dogs vs cats: Which are more expensive?

Usually, the cost of raising a dog is often more expensive than raising a cat because cats are independent. They know how to care for themselves and rely solely on humans for food.

Even buying toys is much more economical because they can play all day with just the ball.

In general, depending on the animal you raise, there will be different expenditures such as food, medical expenses, etc.

How do dogs help with stress and anxiety?

Dog owners are less likely to experience depression than non-dog owners. They can help people suffering from depression get out of a crisis. The love and energy in dogs keep their owners active and out more.

Just half an hour of contact with a dog will help you produce brain cells that stimulate your brain to bring you a feeling of joy and happiness. Therefore, having a dog is also considered a therapeutic measure to help relieve sadness. This is why dogs are the best pets.

Are dogs or cats cleaner?

In fact, cats are cleaner than dogs. They do not require baths as often as dogs due to their ability and ability to clean themselves. Besides, cats are also not as active and naughty as much as dogs. Most cats, especially those with medium to long coats, should be brushed more often so they’re cleaner too.


There are many reasons why dogs are better than cats. You need to know that dogs are empathetic animals. Some intelligent dogs are able to understand the mood of their owners and respond faster than other animals, including cats.

Depending on the needs of each person, having a dog or a cat has certain positive aspects, especially for mental health. Hopefully, through the above analysis, you will find a suitable companion on the upcoming path.

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