Why Does My Cat Guard Me When I Pee? (8 Reasons)

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why does my cat guard me when i pee

You see your cats sit outside the bathroom door while you are doing your business; this happens not just once but all the time! You keep wondering, “Why does my cat guard me when I pee?” The answer is simple.

Cats guard you when you pee or go to the bathroom to show affection. Instinctively, they are protective of their territory, and you, their owner—the one who provides them love, care, food, and shelter—are part of it.

8 Reasons Cats Guard Their Owners in the Bathroom


I have my cat, and regardless of how funny it sounds, my cat sits with me when I poop. She even sleeps in my lap whenever I sit on the toilet. I find it amusing, so I research this behavior that I will be sharing with you today.

1. Cats are Territorial


Cats who have lived with you for several years indicate that you are part of their territory. Naturally, they claim and defend their territories. By doing so, they also protect their food source and resting place.

They are often doing their best to avoid confrontations with other intruders. They always take control over their territory, and you closing the bathroom door doesn’t sit well with them.

2. Cats Show Their Affection

One common misconception about cats is that they are not loving pets. Comparing cats to dogs in terms of showing affection is like comparing apples to oranges. They have unique ways of showing love to their owners.

Cats view the bathroom as a strange environment with unusual things and noises accompanied by running water and flushing toilets.

They think you are vulnerable to surprise attacks from intruders or afraid you might get flushed in the toilet (ha-ha).

When my female cat guards me in the bathroom, it makes me wonder why she does this kind of behavior. I found out that cats following me around means they always want to be near me. If that happens to you, it is safe to say that you matter to them.

3. Cats Want Your Attention


“Hey, hooman, how dare you go to that stinky place without me?” Whenever my cat follows me into bathroom, I hear this dialogue at the back of my mind when I look at her face. If only she could talk, I wonder what comes out of her mouth while showing me that death glare.

Little do people know cats can be needy and clingy at times. They want to go with you to the bathroom because that’s the only time you can give undivided attention.

Cats are smart enough to determine that doing this behavior brings the desired results, so they repeat it.

4. Cats Get Bored


Cats love their personal space, but that doesn’t mean they always want to be alone. Like other creatures, they also need mental and physical activity to stay healthy.

Without someone to play and accompany them can be a great nightmare. Playing with tissue and dripping water might excite them. That’s what I notice when my cat follows me to the bathroom every time.

I see her playing with the dripping water many times. She likes the sound of the running water while trying to scoop it with her paws.

5. Bathroom Can Be a Warm and Cozy Place for Cats


When my kitten followed me into the bathroom, I noticed how she snoozed on the bathroom sink or floor.

In the same way, your bathroom sink surely catches your cat’s attention, making it a comfortable ‘bed’ to sleep in. Having this sanctuary with the best person is comforting enough for them.

6. Cats Don’t Want to Get Separated From You


Cats can have different personalities despite their reputation of being independent. Others find it stressful to be alone, especially if you are behind closed doors—in the bathroom—where they cannot see you.

Having cats who want to stay with you seems cute, but this is not something you should overlook. It is a sign of fear and stress that needs to be addressed immediately.

If there are underlying signs of separation anxiety in your cat, then it would be best to contact your veterinarian.

7. Cats are Curious


Cats want to feed their curiosity. It is natural for them to nose around to see what happens around the environment. In their natural habitat, curiosity keeps them safe and helps them survive predators.

When you disappear from nowhere, the cat’s instinct gets activated and checks out the unusual place you are in. A bathroom has a unique sound and smell, which makes them more intrigued and investigate more.

8. Cats Set Patterns Everyday


Naturally, cats set a pattern daily to thrive in the wild. This behavior allows them to feel safe and secure.

As you become part of their family, they associate your behaviors with a standard routine they should follow. They rely on you when to eat, play, or even when to go to the bathroom.

Should I Discourage This Behavior? How Can I Do It?

Whether or not you discourage your cat from following you to the bathroom depends on your preference. If your cat going with you to the bathroom every morning doesn’t bother you, just leave the situation alone.

I don’t like how my cat guards me when I poop since I feel distracted and can’t concentrate. So, I followed some of the tips below.

2 Ways to Keep Your Cats Away From the Bathroom

  1. Redirect your cat’s attention. Give more exciting toys to keep them occupied. These could include interactive feeders, scratching posts, rod cat toys, etc.
  2. Close the Bathroom Door. Closing the bathroom door might give you a guilty feeling, but it provides a signal to your cats about the boundaries you set.

Frequently Asked Questions


Signs to Know If Your Cat is Protective of You

Some common signs I learned about my cat protecting me from potential dangers are pointing whiskers, dilated pupils, tail lashing, arched back, flattened ears, puffed-up tail or fur, vocalizing, and clinginess.

Why Does Your Cat Guard You When You Sleep?

When you are sleeping, you are in a vulnerable state, according to your cat’s perspective. In the wild, they must become extra cautious, especially when resting, to avoid predators from lashing out at them.

When your cat guards you when you sleep, that is to protect you and feel safe at the same time. They feel comfortable and create a bonding moment with you.


At first, seeing my cat watch me pee felt uncomfortable. But here’s one thing I learned: cats guarding you means you matter to them and are part of their family.

No matter how crazy things can get with your cats, they love you and show it in the best way they know. Out of the answers to this Reddit question, ‘why does my cat guard me when I pee?’, your cat’s affection for you is the real reason.

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