Morris the Cat Was Made Famous by What Brand of Cat Food?

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morris the cat was made famous by what brand of cat food

The enormous orange cat named Morris emerged from Buzzfeed and gained much attention in 1986. But who is “Morris,” and why was this cat so popular before? The internet was bombarded with tons of questions about this cat, and one of them is, “Morris The Cat Was Made Famous By What Brand of Cat Food?”

The quick answer to this notable question is none other than the 9 Lives cat food brand. So, in this article, let’s uncover all about Morris!

Morris the Cat Was Made Famous by What Brand of Cat Food?


The cat food brand named 9Lives made Morris a famous cat. The 9 lives Morris brand was affiliated with Big Heart Pet Brands, which was a division of Del Monte before.

In 1959, a tuna processor, StarKist Foods, presented and showcased to the market the 9 Lives. Morris was one of the famous cat food brand’s famous mascots during that time.

Who is Morris the Cat?

Morris the Cat breed is a huge tabby cat who was known to rise into fame from rags to riches.

Not everyone might know this, but in 1968, Morris was discovered in Illinois and was considered a rescue cat. Morris was found by Bob, an animal instructor and employee of Leo Burnett agency.

Bob was astonished by Morris and eventually arranged a casting call for the cat. He made Morris the authorized mascot of the 9Lives cat food brand and aired television advertising commercials.

The art director also pointed out Morris as the “Clark Gable of Cats”.

What Cat Food Did Morris Advertise?


Morris the Cat has been so popular before to the point that Morris Cat Food has been known as the mascot of the 9 Lives cat food brand.

It has been advertised in different TV commercials and packaging. Morris had tons of fans and previously had a secretary to work on answering his emails. In addition, his voice actor, John Erwin, did a great job in many advertising campaigns.

Morris the Cat commercial was a trend at that time, and Morris was labeled as the face of 9 Lives. Morris is the spokescat for the 9 Lives cat food brand.

In total, Morris appeared in 58 commercials and was known as the “world’s most finicky cat” from 1969 to 1978.

Although it has been a while since Morris was under the advertising agency and had been the face of the 9 Lives brand, his true stardom peaked not until the 1990s.

During that time, Morris was recognized worldwide and reached ultimate fame. Pictures of Morris the Cat, films, and TV commercials had been all over the world, garnering a long list of fans worldwide.

Despite all his huge following, the original Morris the Cat passed away at the age of 17 due to old age, according to a veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where are the 9 Lives Cat Food Brand Located?

The 9 Lives Cat Food products are manufactured and produced in Kansas and Pennsylvania.

2. Why do cats have 9 lives?

Cats have strong anatomy different from humans and other animals. They can endure sudden falls and serious incidents without injuring themselves. The famous line, “cats have nine lives,” originated from the same concept. Since cats have a wide area for fats and weight, the landing force is lessened compared to humans.

3. How long did Morris the Cat Live?

The original Morris lived for 17 years in human years and 90 years in cat years. He was buried in Bob Mardwick’s backyard in Chicago, Illinois. His fellow successors were considered rescue cats just like him.

4. Did Morris the Cat run for the presidency?

Morris the Cat, the most popular face of the 9 Lives cat food brand, ran for the presidency last 2012 in the United States Presidential Election. Despite a major following, he still lost the President seat in the election.


Hence, not only humans are entitled to be the model of a brand, Morris the Cat was the living proof of that. This cat food brand further surged Morris the Cat into stardom. You may be wondering then, “Morris the Cat was made famous by what brand of cat food?”

Morris reached his unwavering popularity thanks to the 9 Lives cat food brand. He has been the face of the 9 Lives for many years. One of those cat food products was the 9 Lives Lean and Tasty.

Thus, even though Morris is gone, his mark to the world still remains.

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