How Much Does a Bengal Cat Cost? Updated Price in 2023

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how much does a bengal cat cost

Bengal cats are often rated as the 3rd most expensive cat breed in the world. But how much does a Bengal cat cost? This breed is priced as high as $2,500. Many people find them appealing because of their fine-looking coats and personalities. The average price of a Bengal kitten is between $1,500 – $3,000 from a good breeder.

On average, these domesticated cats weigh between 8-15 lbs. The admiration for Bengal cats was mainly because they are intelligent and as such, easy to train. They are also energetic and affectionate.

How Much Does a Bengal Cat Price?


First things first, how will you know that you are buying from legitimate sources? The price alone can already determine if the feline you are buying is original or genuine. Below is a guide for Bengal kitten prices in 2023:

  • $2,500 or more: Such a high price probably indicates that the cat is from breeders with champion backgrounds.
  • $2,000-$2,500: More likely from a high-level breeder. These cats are gorgeous and healthy. If you are willing to pay the price, you can have a pure-breed cat.
  • $1,500-$3,000: Average price for Bengal cats. Most of them fall into this price range, so you can set it as your standard expense.
  • $500-$1,500: Can be from an amateur breeder or simply a low-end range
  • $500 or less: More likely, this is a scam.

A Bengal cat size ranges from medium to large. They weigh between 8-15 lbs. With this size, strong muscular bodies, to striking patterns, it is no surprise that this breed is in-demand.

Factors Affecting the Price of Bengal Kittens


1. Kitten’s traits determine the price

Age – Smaller kittens below 10 weeks will be a little more affordable than one from 12- 16 weeks years old. However, if you bring such a small kitten home, the care cost is much higher.

Therefore it’s best to get a little more mature kittens at around 14-16 weeks old to ensure they are fully developed.

Generation – Stud Book Tradition Bengals come from Bengals and are bred to a similar breed. F2 and F3 Bengals are considered high-level generations, which is why they are expensive.

Character – a Bengal cat’s personality is sweet and loving. As a medium to large-sized cat, it likes to play around and is affectionate to its owners.

Demand – Colors and patterns like marbling and spotting affect the cat’s value. As a general rule, the rarer the color and pattern are, the more expensive. There are many different colors of this cat breed. From charcoal, silver, and snow to brown, the price differs for each.

The cheapest is a marble Bengal while the most expensive is a silver Bengal and snow Bengal. The former ranges between $2,000 to $2,750 for a kitten. Together with Blue Bengal, these three cost a lot because of their rarity.

For the rest, be it a white Bengal, orange Bengal, black Bengal, or grey Bengal, the average price range is still $1,500-$3,000.

Inclusions – Even for other animals, breeds with paper are expensive. The documents are proof that the breeder took great care of the kitten, starting with its mother. For kittens, they should have the following:

  • Complete deworming and spay or neuter surgery
  • Up-to-date vaccinations and health guarantee
  • Clearance of health from a licensed veterinarian
  • Booklet of health records
  • TICA blue slip for registration

Some breeders may even include toys and accessories when they hand the kitten over to you. This includes but is not limited to blankets, chew toys, food, a cat wheel, a carrier, and a microchip for registration.

2. Level of breeder care when the kitten was raised

Beyond evaluating the authenticity of the Bengal kitten, you must look out for its breeder.

The kind of people who took care of the parent cats down to the offspring matter for the total price. The greater level they are, the more costly the kitten is.

Now, what does a high-level breeder entail?

  • Housing – environmental conditions where the kitten was born and grew up affect its overall health. This is why ethical breeders house them in spacious enclosures to roam around while having ample heating and cooling freely
  • Healthy diet – as carnivores, cats need meat, and though this is expensive, high-quality ones should be fed to Bengals to keep them nourished.
  • Health testing – genetic conditions are also factors in preserving the gene pool of this beautiful, expensive cat. HCM, PRA, and PK-def are the common screenings for the cat’s health. This costs anywhere between $300 to $1,000 per feline.

Additionally, responsible catteries work and consult with a veterinarian. They entrust medical concerns to licensed experts rather than their own knowledge.

Dedication a high-level breeder doesn’t simply exert effort to care for the kitten because of money. These people are committed to the practice out of genuine love for the animals.

From caring for the housing conditions, taking the time to discuss with you, and socializing with the kitten, a responsible breeder is devoted.

Owning a Bengal Cat


You may be wondering if it is worth buying a costly cat. Ultimately, you must consider your budget, pet preference, and capability to maintain or care for the house cat Bengal. Below are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Bengal cats are more likely to be in their best health
  • You receive registration with the breed and legitimate health records
  • You have a beautiful, leopard-like pet at home
  • Your cat is less likely to catch diseases or other sicknesses in the long run

The most important factor to consider is the expenses. While a high-priced one-time purchase is inevitable, the costs of caring for your cat may be higher. After all, you need several care supplies before taking the kitten home.

1. Cost of Caring


“Are Bengal cats expensive?” The short answer is yes, especially when you consider your expenditures once you brought them home.

  • Food

The average expenses range from $10-$40 each month. A protein-rich diet is a requirement and this includes quality meat, fish, and wet cat food.

  • Health Care

From $0 to $50 per month, veterinarian visits are occasional for Bengal cats—they are oftentimes in good health when you get them from a good breeder. However, they may still get sick, and so you still need to have them treated and monitor their health.

Deworming and flea treatment are also necessary once a month to keep them free from any parasites.

  • Grooming

While taking your pet to the groomer is easier, home supplies can also cost you anywhere between $30 to $70 a month. You need high-quality shampoo, brush, hairdryer, towel, nail trimmer, and similar.

  • Housing Maintenance

A litter box, deodorized sprays, a cardboard scratcher, and a vacuum cleaner are some of the essentials you need. Bengal cats don’t shed a lot, but there is still stray fur from time to time.

2. Bengal Cats for Sale

If you have decided to buy an expensive cat, finding such a breed can be tough, especially when scammers are rampant. Before you get eager and purchase from a website or an online marketplace, here is what you should look out for:

  • Stay away from classified ads

Online shopping is the most convenient way to search for and purchase what you want. However, when it comes to expensive essentials or, in this case, a rare breed, you must be cautious of the sites you visit.

The cost of a Bengal cat is expensive, and so anyone selling them for cheaper is illegitimate.

eBay, Craigslist, and Classified may be the go-to destinations in the USA for essentials and other items. But these are not the places to purchase an expensive cat. Oftentimes, the listings you see here are either from amateur breeders or worse, scams.

  • Find an ethical breeder

This is a challenging task as not many people know where to find a respected breeder. This is where a thorough search and calls come through. There are even online groups of people who raise healthy kittens and breed them.

Naturally, you have to research first if these breeders are legitimate. To help you, you can look up popular breeders near your area and contact them.

You may also look in your local pet stores. In California, Spots of Gold are authentic breeders of exotic, healthy kittens. But check your pet store first. Most of the time, they don’t have contacts with a reputable breeder. If they do and they sell the kitten cheap, that is most likely a scam.

No matter where you source the kitten, always ask for proof of lineage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as well. It is better to understand how things work rather than pretend and get disappointed in the end.


“How much does a Bengal cat cost?” is almost always the first question of those wanting to own one. However, the expenses don’t stop at purchasing it.

Properly caring for it—from its food and grooming needs to healthcare and living environment- a pet owner must be responsible for providing the best conditions for the animal.

Adopting from shelters is possible but rare. But it is best to source from a reputable breeder who genuinely cares for the health of the cats.

Moreover, make sure you check our research about the cost of the Bengal cats and Sphynx cats.

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