How Many Hours a Day Does a Cat Sleep? The Answer May Amaze You

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how many hours a day does a cat sleep

Cats are a favorite pet choice for many, yet many aspects of this pet puzzle new pet owners. Among those, cats’ sleeping habits are especially fascinating. In truth, our cat likewise appears to sleep for most of the day.

And you’re curious about how many hours a day does a cat sleep? This varies according to age, health, mood, and other things. Find out in the article below!

How Long Do Cats Sleep?

Cats sleep multiple times a day rather than sleeping for significant periods as people do. Cats sleep most of the day since they are most active at night.

A cat daily sleep lasts between 12 and 18 hours; some cats sleep more than 18 hours a day. The length of each catnap is 50 to 113 minutes on average.

When the weather doesn’t allow for good outdoor exploration, you’ll notice your catnapping for longer than normal. Likewise, when it’s chilly or wet outside, your cat will most likely want to sleep for longer periods.

As your cat gets older, the number of hours they need to sleep or the quantity of sleep they require will change:

  • Because the kittens are very young and have just recently been born, their daily activities will be limited. So new owners might be worried and wondering, how many hours a day do kittens sleep? The answer is, these little ones spend the majority of their time sleeping.
  • Cats in their juvenile years are the most active. During the day, cats will engage in various activities such as playing with other cats, hunting, exploring, and interacting with their humans. As a result, sleeping times will vary depending on the activities of the day.
  • Adult cats are usually quieter than kittens. Their activities, including sleeping, will become habitual. Adult cats have a more consistent sleeping pattern, sleeping 12 to 20 hours each day on average.

If you have an indoor cat, you may have noticed that it wakes up and falls asleep rapidly as it grows older. Cats will wake up with you in the morning, play with you, and then go back to sleep as soon as you go out.

Why Do Cats Spend So Much Time Sleeping?


Saving energy

Street cats must find food, especially at night. In the process, they consume a lot of energy. These cats sleep hours on end to ensure that the animal is full of energy to seek prey or find food later.

Also, when domestic cats are too active throughout the days when they have fellow feline friends, they need some hours of deep sleep to recharge their energy.


The sleeping patterns of a cat can vary significantly based on a variety of conditions. Weather can also have a greater impact on a cat’s sleep than usual.

If you enjoy a cold, wet day as well and snuggle up in bed with a warm blanket for a restful sleep, your pet will behave similarly to you. Of course, they will also cuddle up in whatever warm comforter or sleeping space you have provided for them. Can you observe your own cat to see whether it behaves similarly?

Cat feel bored

Cats sleep a lot for various reasons, one of which is boredom, as you may have suspected. Cats can be apprehensive about going outside to explore and play with other cats. Of course, you won’t be spending the entire day at home with your cat. So, it is natural for cats to fall asleep when you are not at home.

Therefore, you should spend more time with your cat when you have free time at home. If you are unable to play with them, you can offer them a variety of toys.

Your cat is stressed

Cats are easily scared and stressed, and their natural instinct is to flee. And, of course, once they’ve hidden, they’ll begin to sleep more than usual.

You should give your pet extra care. If left unattended for a long time, the cat’s stress might have a variety of negative implications. If you wish to get some guidance on this, talk to your doctor. You can also inquire about your cat’s stress and rehabilitation options.

Illness symptoms

Cats are less active when they are unwell or in discomfort. So your cat may be feeling uneasy when you see it lying idle. In that case, they will sleep more than usual, sparing little time for playing or being active.

When a cat is overweight, it may be unable to move and instead prefers to relax and be sedentary. Obesity in cats is a major issue that leads to joint difficulties and endocrine issues. With this health issue, contact the veterinarian to help you analyze your cat’s condition and select the best course of therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my cat in deep sleep?

Cats, as mentioned above, have a light sleep phase during the day. It lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes on average. These periods of sleep make up around three-quarters of the time a cat sleeps during the day, with the rest being a deep slumber.

Cats often have quick brain movement during this light sleep, and if you’re paying attention, you’ll see that if they’re suddenly startled, they can wake up and act normally. Furthermore, you can see that their ears are twitching and shaking slightly to listen to the stimulus around them.

Do cats sleep at night?

Because of their daytime sleeping habits, your cats are night hunters, as you know. Some cats go scavenging in the evenings and are active at night.

Some individuals have had cats for a long time and have trained them to sleep according to the owner’s schedule. The issue is that they require appropriate food, drink, and playtime from their owners to build that habit.

How to lessen the hours your cats sleep in a day?

Because cats are incredibly adaptable creatures, we can adjust their sleeping habits.

If you keep your cat’s play activities and other stimulation, such as providing them with more toys, she will sleep less. You can take them on a trip to the park or down the street to ensure that the cat does not spend too much time alone and bored. If your cat is stressed, this is a good way to help them relax.

If you feed your cat less food than normal, they will stay awake longer. However, there is a downside to this, so you should think about it carefully.

Final Thought

How many hours a day does a cat sleep? Cats sleep a lot, more than 13 hours a day. They need to preserve energy and create such things to hunt. Cats also sleep because they’re bored, but that’s not anything you should be concerned about. It is natural for your kitty to sleep during the day.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t try to wake them awake. This is a critical point. It’s important to respect their normal sleeping routines. However, if this behavior is very abrupt, you should pay close attention to your cat!

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