How Long Do Calico Cats Live? – Average Cat Lifespan

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how long do calico cats live

Calico cats are domestic cats with beautiful multi-colored coats and are believed to bring good fortune to their owners. It is important to note that Calico cats can come from many breeds and its colorful tri-color coat pattern is a result of its unique genetics.

As such, Calico Cats tend to have the same characteristics as their breeds. So how long do Calico cats live? Like any other cats, Calicos on average have a lifespan of 15 years.

However, several factors, such as whether they are male or female, their diet, and overall health, can change the life expectancy of a Calico cat.

Average Lifespan: How Old Do Calico Cats Live?


Calico cats are excellent pets, and we would like to keep and take care of them for as long as we can. It is important to remember that Calico cats are not a single breed and can come from many types of cats. Their cute fur coloring does not affect the average lifespan of a Calico cat.

Most Calico cats live for 15 to 20 years with proper care. Refer to this table to know various Calico breeds’ average life expectancy.

Calico cat breed Average lifespan
Persian 12 – 17 years
Turkish Angora 12 – 18 years
British Shorthair 14 – 20 years
Maine Coon 10 – 13 years
LaPerm 10 – 15 years
Siberians 12-15 years

Male and Female Calico Cats


Male Calicos are an exception to the standard average Calico cat lifespan. A male Calico cat typically has a lesser lifespan than their female counterparts. This is due to the fact that male Calicos are more likely to suffer from Klinefelter’s Syndrome, which can cause cognitive and developmental issues that affect their lifespan.

Genetics play a large part in why male Calicos tend to have smaller lifespans. The X chromosome in cats controls whether they end up with orange or black fur.

Females have two X chromosomes and are more likely to be Calicos, while males have an X and a Y chromosome. Male cats can only become calicos with a genetic irregularity that causes them to have two X chromosomes and one Y.

This is what makes Male Calico cats also rare, with only 1 out of 3,000 on average.

However, males, like female Calico cats can live a long and happy life provided owners give them special care and attention.

Maximum Age

Cats can live for a very long time. The oldest cat ever recorded is Creme Puff from Texas, who lived for 38 years. For Calico cats, Squeak from Tennessee lived to 29 years old.

Cats typically age faster compared to people. That is why Calico cat life expectancy tends to reach only until their 20s. When cats are younger, they develop rapidly and reach maturity in their 2nd year.

For example, a 1-year-old long-haired Calico kitten equals a 15-year-old teen. Squeak, the oldest Calico cat, would then, by cat age calculation, be 133 in human years!

Calico Cat Health Problems


While Calico cats may experience health issues specific to their breeds, these issues are unrelated to their color patterns.

Because of their genetic makeup, some male Calicos are born infertile. As stated earlier, a common Calico cat health problem for males is Klinefelter’s Syndrome.

This can cause decreased bone mineral content and can lead to higher chances of broken bones as well as increased body fat which can lead to obesity, heart problems and Diabetes.

Factors That Affects Calico Cat Lifespan

Just like regular cats, a Calicos lifestyle can affect their lifespan. Here are some of the important factors:

1. Environment


Keeping a cat indoor or outdoor can drastically affect their lifespan. Calico cats that live indoors typically live significantly longer than outdoor cats.

This is commonly caused by the fact that being outside, cats are more likely to be injured by people, things and other animals as well. Places where outdoor Calico cats live can also be home to viruses and bacteria that can affect them such as:

  • Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Feline Leukemia Virus
  • Heartworms
  • Rabies

2. Breed

Mixed breed cats are known to live longer than their purebred friends due to genetic diversity reducing the risk of inherited diseases.

However some purebreds can have longer or shorter lifespans. For example, Siamese cats commonly live up to 20 years while Bengal cats typically live only up to 10.

3. Diet


Diet plays a major role in Calico lifespan. As carnivores, Calico cats require a protein rich diet that is packed with nutrients. Cats also require a lot of fluids, so keeping them hydrated with a lot of drinking options will keep them healthy and happy.

Tips to Help Your Calico to Live Longer


Taking good care of your Calico cat can not only give them a longer life but a happy and fulfilling one. Here are some tips to help your Calico to live longer:

1. Spraying – Spraying or neutering Calico cats can help them live longer by preventing contractible diseases. For Male Calicos, neutering them can reduce the chances for Klienfelter’s syndrome.

2. Vaccination – Keeping up with your Calico’s vaccination not only improves their lives but also helps prevent diseases such as rabies that can affect other animals and humans as well.

3. Regular Veterinary Check ups – A scheduled visit to Veterinarian can greatly help by providing yearly tests to potentially find any issues early. Regular visits can also help Veterinarians monitor any underlying issues the cat might already have.

4. Weight Monitoring – Cat obesity is a common problem and it can lead to serious health issues for Calicos as they get older. Feeding them the right amount of food and providing lots of exercise or physical activities can help control their weight.

5. Grooming – Regularly grooming your cat can help keep their fur clean and healthy. It can also help you monitor and see if there are any unusual lumps or growth in their body. Plus, who doesn’t want to pet a Calico cat?


Calico cats are rare cats that are known for their gorgeous three colored coats and they would make amazing pets that can live long lives. Male Calicos tend to live shorter lifespans but with proper care and love, male and female Calicos can live for up to 15 years or more.

Keep these things in mind when you finally decide to take a Calico cat friend with you home. Hopefully we have helped you answer the question: “So how long do Calico cats live? “

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