Do Black Cats Live Longer? (Facts About Black Cats)

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do black cats live longer

Black cats have long been associated with superstition and mysticism. Many people believe that black cats bring good fortune and prosperity. Some associate black cats with bad luck and pessimism. The question of whether black cats live longer than other colors of cats is commonly raised.

So, do black cats live longer? As we examine different factors that impact on black cats’ lifespan, the answer is they actually do not.

How Long Do Black Cats Live?

It’s actually 14 – 16 years, which is roughly the same as typical cats. Indoor back cats can live for up to 20 years if properly cared for.

Facts About Black Cats and Its Life Expectancy

Like all cats, a black cat’s life expectancy is influenced by a variety of elements, including breed, general health, and environment.

Domestic cats typically live 12 to 15 years (64 to 76 in human years), while certain breeds can live even longer. Compared to them, the average lifespan of a black cat is 15 years old, which is the typical age.


For instance, the Siamese cat has a lifespan of 14 to 20 years (84 to 96 in human years).


As you can see, a black cat’s age is not influenced by its color. Black cats live for the same amount of years as the others depending on the some factors that affect a cat’s longevity, which are heredity, nutrition, and availability of medical treatment.

The environment in which black cats reside is another aspect that may impact their life. In general, indoor cats live longer and in better health than outdoor cats.

Cats living outside are more likely to be afflicted by illnesses, parasites, and predators, all of which can shorten their longevity. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and access to quality medical care are also crucial to maintaining your black cat’s health.

What Does Research Have to Say?

But according to a study by Bergman and Jochle., black and white cat lifespans are different, with the former having a shorter one.

This is perhaps because black cats are more likely to get certain diseases.

  • For instance, because black cats are exposed to more UV radiation than white cats, they are more likely to get skin cancer.


  • Studies have found that they had lower insulin levels than white cats, which puts them at a higher risk of getting diabetes.
  • Additionally, black cats’ weakened immune systems make them more susceptible to viral illnesses than their white counterparts. All of these elements may shorten the lifetime of black cats.


  • Black cats have a shorter lifespan because they are less desirable than white cats and are more likely to be put to sleep than white cats. Also, they are less likely to be adopted.


Frequently Asked Questions

What color cat lives the longest?

Does color matter? It has been discovered that the relationship between a cat’s color and lifespan is not particularly strong.

However, some medical disorders have been linked to specific colors. For instance, orange cats are more likely to acquire a heart issue than white cats, who are more likely to get skin cancer and hearing loss.

But once more, the cat’s genetics, not its color, ultimately determines how old it will live.

Black cats do not have a specific breed of their own and are frequently mixed breeds. The Bombay, American Shorthair, and British Shorthair are well-liked by families and are renowned for their laid-back attitudes.

Do indoor or outdoor cats live longer?

Indoor cats typically live longer than outdoor cats do.

Indoor black cats are shielded from environmental dangers that can dramatically reduce a cat’s lifetime, such as illness, parasites, and road accidents. The frequent veterinarian care and restricted food that indoor cats receive can support their general well-being and lifespan.

On the other hand, outdoor black cats confront several difficulties and dangers that might decrease their lives. However, indoor and outdoor cats may have long and healthy lives with the proper care and attention to their health.


Do black cats live longer? Actually, the average lifespan of a black cat does not differ from those of other colors. It can even be argued that black cats have shorter lifespans than that of other colors. Still, many factors come into play, such as a black cat’s breed, general health, and environment, which might affect how long it lives.

Overall, the choice to adopt a cat should not be based on the cat’s color because all cats, regardless of color, deserve to be loved and cared for.

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