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how much does it cost to cremate a cat

Losing a pet can be a difficult and emotional time for pet owners. When it comes to deciding how to lay your beloved cat to rest, cremation is among the options. However, the cat cremation cost can vary depending on several factors.

So, how much does it cost to cremate a cat? Typically, this procedure can be priced from $30 to $200.

How Much is a Cat Cremation?


As stated above, the average cost of cremating a cat can be 30 only if you choose a simple service. Meanwhile, a private one with extra service can raise the price from $100 to over $200.

Let’s break down the cost of cat cremation service based on the location, type, and any additional services or products you may need.

Cost to have a cat cremated based on type of cremation

There are two types of cremation available for cats – private and communal. However, some crematoriums offer individual cremation for cats.

1. Private cremation ($100 – $200)


Private cremation is where your cat has cremated alone, and you will receive only your cat’s ashes. This is the most expensive type of cremation to avail.

However, if you don’t want to mistake another cat’s cremation to be your cat’s, this is your pet’s preferred type of cremation. You will be assured that the ashes given to you are your cat’s.

Because of this, private cremation for cats costs higher than others, ranging from $100 to $200. This also varies based on the location.

Are you wondering about the cost to cremate a cat and keep the ashes simultaneously? It would help if you considered private cremation for your cat.

2. Partitioned cremation ($80 – $150)

If you’re looking for a good price to cremate a cat while still preserving your cat’s ashes separately, you can choose a partitioned cremation service. It will be semi-private, which is sensible and cost-effective at the same time.

The common cost for this type of service can be around $80 and up to $150.

3. Communal cremation ($30 – $70)


On the other hand, communal cremation is where multiple pets are cremated together, and the ashes are not returned to you. The ashes are usually put in the cemetery grounds.

This is also known as the most low-cost cat cremation, as its service price varies from $30 to $70.

Other Costs to Get a Cat Cremated


In addition to the cat cremation price, there may be other costs to consider, such as the following:

  • Transportation fees: Some cremation services offer to transport your cat’s body to either vet that has cremation equipment on-site or to the crematorium itself.

Usually, the deceased body is placed inside a plastic bag. This costs around $30 to $50. However, this range increases more if transported after business hours, during holidays, or on weekends.

  • Witness fee: Some crematorium services allow you to witness the cremation process. Generally, it charges you around $20 to $30. However, there are few services that charge as high as $60.
  • Urn cost: Usually, crematoriums provide your pet’s ashes in a container such as a plastic bag or a box.

However, if you want your cat’s ashes to have a decent container to place in, you can avail of the urn. The prices for urns vary depending on where you avail crematorium services but generally range from $50 to $150.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Cremate a Cat:


Here’re some things that could affect the costs of cremation for cats:

  • The size of your pet can affect the cost of materials required for cremation as well as the time and labor spent on the process.
  • Type of Cremation, either private or communal. You can lower the cost by choosing individual cremation, where you can take your cat’s ashes separately.
  • Region can also affect the final cost, as you might New York or LA, and Chicago states that have high-priced service.

Ways to Find a Cremation Service for Cats


You can find a cremation service for your cat by searching online, asking your veterinarian for recommendations, or contacting a local pet cemetery or crematorium.

Most veterinary clinics or hospitals have contact with a crematorium service. Reaching out to your trusted vet might help you. Usually, your vet can arrange the pickup of your cat’s body at the facility.

This will save you a lot of hassle and you will have more time for yourself to grieve.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it better to bury or cremate your cat?

This is actually a personal decision. Some might want to bury their pets in a pet cemetery or on their property, while some prefer to keep their pet’s ashes in an urn.

To help you with this tough decision, we will discuss in this section the difference between burial and cremation.

  • Burial

This is an inexpensive option compared to cremation. Most pet owners bury the cat in their backyard and put up a stone or any mark that could indicate its burial place.

Even though this is the easiest option, you still need to consider your local laws if this is allowed in your area.

However, if you don’t feel uncomfortable burying your cat’s deceased body around your living situation, you may do so in a pet cemetery.

You can connect with your trusted vet or animal organization with a partnered burial service and bury your cat in a nearby pet cemetery.

  • Cremation

With additional costs, you may choose this if you want to turn your cat’s body into ashes. From that, you can buy them a decent urn that you can display at home to remind yourself of your late fur baby.

Not only that, some crematoriums offer a way to incorporate your cat’s ashes into jewelry or any other items as keepsakes. This is one of the reasons why some pet owners choose cremation as well.

If you value sentimentality and want to remember your cat from time to time, this option might be for you.

Can you cremate a cat at home?

Although not illegal, it is still not recommended to cremate your cat at home. Cremation requires specialized equipment and training, and attempting it without the proper knowledge and equipment can be dangerous.


Cremating a cat can be a comforting way to say goodbye to your beloved pet. By understanding the costs and options available, you can make an informed decision about how to lay your cat to rest.

We hope that this article, “how much does it cost to cremate a cat?” has helped you decide for your cat.

Remember that the most important thing is to honor your cat in a way that feels right for you and your family.

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